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Calculate Miles per Dollar Instead Miles per Gallon

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How many miles per gallon does your car give?  This is the standard measure to check the mileage of your vehicle but if you are on a budget, it should be changed to miles per dollar. We worry about the cost to reach a particular place rather than petrol usage and it doubles up if we are comparing cars using different fuels, an electric car, and a petrol car or a vehicle that has both variants. If the gas costs you $5.09, the vehicle that runs for 22 miles per gallon would cost you a dollar for 4.3 miles. If a car can run for 30 miles per gallon, it would cost a dollar for 5.9 miles. You can calculate accurately if you are aware of the price of local gas and your car's mileage. CAR FUEL It is helpful to calculate the miles per dollar way to understand how much it costs to drive up to the place. For example, you can make the perfect cuppa coffee at home but you prefer Starbucks which is around nine miles from your residence, round trip will be 18 miles. The drive costs you a dollar for a 5.9-mile drive, which in total costs about $3.05 per Starbucks visit and $9.15 if you go thrice a week. So every time you stayed home and made a hot cup of coffee, you saved three dollars. If you are thinking of buying a pickup truck and are stuck between diesel or gas models. RAM 1500 comes in a gas model that gives 24 miles per gallon and diesel gives 29 per gallon, say, if diesel costs you $5.15 per gallon and gas comes at $4.03. CAR FUEL The gas model gives 6.0 miles a dollar and diesel at 5.6, though not much of a difference the winner is gas. You can use the same miles-per-dollar concept for hybrid vehicles too. Chrysler Pacifica gets 30 miles per gallon and it has a battery that comes with a 33-mile capacity if fully charged it is equal to a gallon of fuel. It costs 15 cents per kilowatt hour and costs $2.40 for charging the battery which is 13.8 miles a dollar which is cheaper than gas. If you wish to charge at the rest stops on the highway it costs 3 cents for 30-second charging. CAR FUEL It takes two hours for a complete charge which would cost $7.20 for 33 miles which comes up to 4.6 miles a dollar. This is more costly than the electricity we use at home and costs more than gas.

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