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Candela C8 - An Electric “Flying” Boat Introduced at CES 2023

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The electric "flying" C8 boat from the Sweden-based Candela company sees itself as the Tesla of boating in some interesting and significant ways, especially when it comes to flashy tech at the helm and deep tech underneath the hull. The flying EV car was introduced at CES 2023. Aboard the vehicle, there is a large digital tablet next to the wheel, similar to a Tesla, as well as a sparse interior with two racing-style chairs up front and fabric-cushioned seating, like something from Ikea. Additionally, the $390,000 price tag on the boat is justified by the fact that it is entirely built of carbon fiber, including the seats. And there is a toilet inside, unlike a Tesla. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1200"]Candela C8 Image credit: Motor Boat & Yachting[/caption] The true focus, however, is on high-end technological controls, such as autonomous boating, where the Candela C8 can maintain a predetermined route, sensors and accelerometers to balance the boat while it is in the air, and a specially created motor. Furthermore, this EV motor and autonomous technology could, like a Tesla, assist to develop a community of privileged EV boat owners who elevate their vehicle above a simple form of transportation. Besides, it's not unexpected that Candela decided to go electric. Worldwide awareness of climate change is growing, and so is the demand for electric vehicles. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2560"]Candela C8 Image credit: Candela[/caption] By the end of the decade, according to Reuters, citing AutoForecast Solutions, electric vehicles might account for about 26% of all vehicles sold worldwide and a third of the North American market. And at CES, there is a growing dedication to electric vehicles of various kinds.

What's more

In addition to being an early adopter of EV in its particular industry, Candela claims that the C8 boat's buyers are attracted to it since all of the parts are manufactured on-site. The user interface, motor, and even the steering wheel are all provided by internal components in the EV boat. And this strict control enables engineers to quickly distribute over-the-air updates and enhancements to the cabin technology (that large display). Candela typically distributes two upgrades per month, according to Mahlberg.

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