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"Car Key Tests" are now available in the Apple App Store for developers

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Users of Apple Car Key have voiced complaints about the app's availability. But, a test software was spotted on the App Store this week, and it may be a move by the corporation to accelerate the use of automobile keys. Today, the Apple Automobile Key Testing app was discovered in the App Store. A tip from Apple Insider claims that only developers or MFi licensees received the software from Apple. As the app isn't currently listed, searching for it won't bring it up unless you have a direct connection. For automakers, the app will test interaction with Apple's Car Key function. Many automakers will be able to test and evaluate the criteria for the Car Key adoption certificates through Apple's Made-For-iPhone programme thanks to this. In addition, vehicle makers will be able to test the feature and troubleshoot any issues to make sure the software performs as planned. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="521"]Apple Releases App to Test Out Car Key Feature | iTech Post Image credit- iTech Post[/caption] Although anyone can download the application, they will first need to log in. The testing application can only be used in its entirety by anyone with access to an Apple Developer account with MFI licencing. In Apple's case, it had never been seen before for a testing application for developers to be distributed privately. This procedure makes testing easier and makes it simple to deliver the app to testing partners. This is obviously an attempt by Apple to enhance testing capabilities for Apple Car Key, which was first released in 2020. Since then, it has only been available in restricted quantities, which has prevented many automobiles from adopting the function. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Apple Releases App to Test Out Car Key Feature | iTech Post Image credit- iTech Post[/caption] But, according to the reports, the iPhone Car Key feature recently underwent some expansions. For a select number of Kia, Genesis, Hyundai, and BMW vehicles, the feature became available in 2017. Although this extension is a step forward for the app, upgrades were only provided after the software had been in use for almost two years. Certain Android handsets can now receive digital auto keys saved in the Apple Wallet, according to an announcement made by Apple in December. They are doing this as part of their endeavour to create a standard for exchanging digital keys between various systems. Also read: World’s Second Oldest Car Lineup Is Tesla’s EV Offering, According To Research This feature update is compatible with Google Pixel smartphones running Android 12 or newer versions of the operating system. The improvement only functions as of right now with Pixel smartphones. Apple did, however, guarantee that they will eventually add support for further Android devices. Not all Apple devices, however, support this feature since they still require an iPhone XS or later models and series. This also applies to the Apple Watch, which requires a series 5 model or higher.

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