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“Color changing Vodka” to launch soon in UK

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“Color changing Vodka” to launch soon in UK-GadgetAny
"Color changing Vodka" to launch soon in UK

Color-changing vodka is just few steps far to arrive in UK, so revelers from across the pond will be lifting a colorful glass.

According to The Mirror, the Welsh company Au Vodka is the maker of the bubblegum-flavored liquor, which can be pre-ordered for less than $30.

The drink, which will be delivered on October 5, starts out blue but changes to a “shimmery and bright purple” when a mixer is added.

Brits showed their support and excitement when the label this week made its launch on its social media accounts.

On Twitter, several people posted images of their pre-order confirmations while others praised the developers’ cleverness.

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