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Cop forced to quit my job as because of X-rated side hustle- Now Ranking High!!

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Cop forced to quit my job as because of X-rated side hustle- Now Ranking High!!-GadgetAny

Janelle Zielinski was a Detroit Police Department in March, is charged an annual fee of $12 to access content that is rated X.

Janelle Zielinski has resigned from her position with the Detroit Police Department – just months after she joined the police department.


Fans can purchase a 3-month subscription for just $30.

Detroit Police Chief James White was informed of the existence of her OnlyFansaccount in September 13 , and immediately began an investigation.

Zielinski Also bodybuilder, was also suspended, but police later learned that she had quit one day earlier according to FOX2.

It’s believed that her resignation letter was written on September 23.

Zielinski posted her Instagram post on which she claimed she was not removed from the police force, MailOnline reported.

She stated: “Never fired, or ever in any trouble. Therefore, whoever is unprofessional and doesn’t deserve the credit to others’ success – it’s on you, not me.”



Zielinski stated that she had made the choice in order to “better” her life style.

Police confirmed that Zielinski was not wearing her uniform of police in the photos that were explicit.

However, Chris Graveline, the director of the Detroit Police Department’s Professional Standards section, stated: “One of our officers who was using her Instagram account had a paywall set up, and she was posting pornographic content on the other part of that paywall.

Chief White takes these matters extremely seriously, as it represents not only DPD but also the whole Detroit city. Detroit.”

Graveline advised that police officers remain private and “unsullied”.



A few locals were critical of Zielinski for believing she wasn’t allowed to upload the explicit snaps when she was being employed by the police.

Alvin Crosby told FOX2: “You’re representing the city every time you wear an emblem and it’s negative of the town.”

In the meantime, widowed mother-of-three Holly Jane has claimed she earns more than $36,000 per month through her OnlyFans side business.

Holly is a woman who says she is an “homebody” she was left to care for her three children on her own following the death of Stephen, her spouse Stephen unexpectedly passed away in the year 2017.

She was employed in the field of recruitment before turning to Instagram, and later the adult website OnlyFans to to make ends meet.

She soon amassed hundreds of fans who love her raunchy snaps she posts from the California house.

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