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Disney visitors smuggle their children into strollers to avoid paying the higher entry costs. Video Viral!!

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Disney visitors smuggle their children into strollers to avoid paying the higher entry costs. Video Viral!!-GadgetAny
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There is a discussion over whether it was smart or wrong for a lady to dress up an elementary school-aged child as a baby to avoid paying the entrance fee at Disney World.

A group is seen in the video lining up to buy park tickets while pushing a stroller that is suitable for babies.

Despite the clearly older child rolling past her in the stroller, who is draped in a blanket to hide her non-infant legs, the Disney cast member grins and peers into the pram but says nothing.

After the party has passed the worker, the mother removes the young child out of the pram, who is dressed for the occasion in a Cinderella gown, and places the blankets back on the seat.

The caption reads, “When Disney ticket prices go up,” and the TikToker also stated, “Poor kid was in an infant car seat.”

Apparently with the initial posting, a woman said on the TikTok, “We [paid] for our tickets and witnessed the craziest thing we had ever seen & so we chose to share it so you can laugh too.”

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Depending on when and where you visit, a single person’s admission to a Disney World park might cost anywhere between $109 and $159 per day. Every guest must have a ticket in hand if they are aged 3 or older.

Another admitted to using the same tactic, writing, “My son is 4 but at Disneyland he knows he’s 2.”

Another concurred, “My parents used to make me do this.”

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One person expressed empathy, saying, “I absolutely endorse this because we visited in May and it was literally like taking a second mortgage out on our house.”

One commenter chuckled, “We just encourage our kids to lie about their age, but this is epic.

I once did that with three children, lol. Another said, “I threatened to buy them all Disney outfits if they were quiet.

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Not everybody, though, was impressed.

One user commented about the folks in the video, “It really amazes me how people have no shame.”

“No way. I also tell my kids why it’s improper to use a water cup to purchase fountain drinks. It’s the idea behind it,” a different person said.

Another reader remarked, “I would understand if they had like four kids, but they only had one, so shooo they probably had to use her ticket money to pay for the gas to come there.

Even some former Disney World employees joined in to offer their past approaches to dealing with this circumstance.

One individual wrote, “Worked the front gates, trust me we know.” “They advise us to let it go,”

I used to work at the door, and let me just say that they didn’t pay [me] enough for them to care THAT much. Another concurred, “I see a stroller, kid says ‘2,’ have a good day.

“When I used to work at Disney, I was required to inquire about the age of the youngster. Another person smiled and said, “I’m not even mad at this.

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