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How AI Can Make Your Home Happy - 5 Secret Ways

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From managing media in your smartphone’s cloud storage to playing your favorite songs on wireless Bluetooth speakers, artificial intelligence (AI) has slowly made significant changes in our everyday lives and is making home life easier. AI helps regular gadgets like smartphones, vacuum cleaners, and thermostats to learn your daily activities at home, analyze the collected data and deliver automated functions based on its information. Let’s look at the unique benefits of using AI-equipped gadgets that save individuals from shelling out extra money on light bills, security systems, and staying fit at home.

Ways To Upgrade Your Home With AI:

1. Save on Electricity Bills

smart plugs Although cutting down home energy bills is an endless effort, AI devices like smart plugs connected to Alexa voice assistant help you track energy wastage at home. In addition, you can switch off your electronic gadgets, add smart bulbs or manage your room heating or cooling using smart thermostats. For example, the Currant smart plug uses an energy meter to detect your home’s energy consumption and an AI to spot devices using more power and auto-shut them when unnecessary.

2. AI Gym Equipment Offer Enhanced Fitness

AI Gym Equipment AI home gym systems like the Tonal Fitness Mirror analyze data collected from your regular fitness activities like daily workouts, weight-lifting struggles, and fatigue and intelligently manage your exercising needs, like decreasing the weight when it finds you struggling. It offers workout tips like posture corrections, choosing a good spot, or adjusting your exercise tools to deliver better workout results and avoid injuries.

3. Provides Advanced Home Safety and Security

Advanced Home Safety and Security AI-based home security systems with motion sensors learn the movements of your house inmates, like babies, pets, or other family members. They recognize your visitor’s faces and notify or alarm you while identifying specific sounds like a crying baby or an unfamiliar face at the door. A secure home with such intelligent features lets you travel without worrying about your house and family’s safety.

4. Countertop AI Ovens - Future of Homecooking

countertop JuneOven AI combined with machine learning can convert your ordinary cooking devices into intelligent gadgets that help experts and amateurs prepare a variety of mouthwatering dishes at home every day. For example, the countertop JuneOven identifies multiple food items placed on it, automatically cooks them to your pre-set cooking level and alerts you on your smartphone app when done. You can even watch your cooking progress live or on time-lapse videos

5. AI Assistants Vacuum Cleaning Robots

AI Assistants Vacuum Cleaning Robots Ai-equipped vacuum robots like the iRobot cleaner would surprise you with their advanced technology and automated functions. AI-powered vacuums can mop floors, clean windows, mow lawns, and provide advanced housekeeping at affordable prices and spotless perfection. The technology helps the devices map out their cleaning areas, avoid obstacles while cleaning and return to their charging mat when done or run with low power. Artificial Intelligence powers your home with efficient and affordable solutions that help you manage your everyday lives. They help simplify your everyday home life offering more time to relax or connect with your loved ones.

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