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A Google Doc with a Google Map

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Use a Google Maps Smart Chip to add the location to your Google Doc if you want to give your readers a quick and straightforward way to view the site or get directions. You should include the location of your corporate headquarters in your company papers. In addition, you can list all your businesses' sites in a brochure or newsletter. Alternatively, you may provide directions to attendees in an invitation or announcement. Google Docs may now include Google Maps. Launch your work on Google Docs. Choose the location in your document that you want to put. After that, select "Place" from the pop-out menu by selecting Insert > Smart Chips. A popup that says "Provide to Search for Places" will prompt you to type the address. How to Add a Google Map to Your Google Doc You'll get recommendations in list form as you type. A little map display to the right of the request appears when your cursor is over it.
  • Please select the appropriate location from the list and its name with a location symbol in your document.
  • To open the Smart Chip for the location, click or hover your mouse over the place's name.
  • Pick and erase the place's name just like any other text in your document if you wish to remove it from your record.
  • Make use of the Google Maps Chip. You and your readers will appreciate the valuable features of the Google Maps Smart Chips. Do one of the following after opening the Smart Chip.
  • By clicking the location name, Google Maps will launch in a new browser tab and take you immediately there.
  • The Google Maps link can be copied to your clipboard and pasted wherever you desire by using the Copy button to the right of the name.
  • Select the Directions icon to open the location on the right sidebar, where you can enter your beginning place.
  • Click the map in the chip to view a preview in the sidebar. You can view a larger map with zoom-in and zoom-out options, click "Directions" to find the location, or save or share the site with your mobile device.
How to Add a Google Map to Your Google Doc You can also expand the bottom section to get more information about the place, such as its opening and closing times, address, phone number, reviews, and any other data that Google Maps makes available. Google's Smart Chips have advanced significantly in a short period, from employing interactive dates to embedding a contact card to this Google Maps integration. So utilize this helpful tool in your Google Doc to the fullest!

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