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How to Add Audio to Canva? Step by Step Guide

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How to Add Audio to Canva? Step by Step Guide-GadgetAny
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Did you know that you can add sound effects and audio tracks in Canva’s video editing feature, or are you trying to use it?

Remember when you had to wait to listen to your favorite song or pay to download it? But this is not the case today; all you need to know is the source of availability. Almost every useful source is accessible on online platforms and readily available.

Canva is a free-to-use graphic design tool with video editing features. It allows you to create designs for free, including banners for websites, and you can create content for marketing on social media. For example, you can create content for Instagram Reels, Youtube, and TikTok on Canva. According to the Blogging Guide, Youtube creators often use the free design platform.

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If the video lacks sound and audio effects, it gets dull and not appealing to the masses, making it essential to add appropriate sounds for an engaging video. Canva has made adding sound effects to videos easy.

Canva’s support page states that the users can choose the Audio tabs to provide various audio tracks and sound effects. Below is an easy guide to making your video enjoyable with enhanced sound effects:

canva audio


  • Click on Audio on the side panel of the Editor
  • You can either search audio or sound effects on the search bar or search the categories
  • Select the Audio or sound effects that you like to add to the video

In addition to its audio library, Canva allows users to use their collection of Audio by uploading it; here is how:

canva audio

  • On the left side panel is the Uploads; tap on it
  • Click the audio button next to the video button
  • Click the Upload Media option
  • Upload the audio file to add it to your video
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