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Important Information About Emergency SOS Feature on Your Smartphone

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Your smartphone’s Emergency SOS feature helps you connect with emergency services and trusted contacts to share your exact location when you are in trouble. Its main purpose is to help you deal with emergencies like medical or other safety concerns. Let's look at how to use the feature on various smartphone devices.

Apple iPhones

To enable SOS on your iPhone, Tap your picture on the “Health app, “select Medical ID, and Edit. Below the Emergency Contacts, select Add emergency and choose your emergency contact names from your address book. When you use the SOS feature, the selected people will receive a message and your current location. Tap Done. Another method is to open the SOS in your Settings and enable Call by pressing the side buttons five times or the Hold button to call emergency services. Your phone will display a short countdown before making the call. One more method is to press and hold the side button along with one of the volume buttons. Then, use the Emergency SOS slider to call emergency services in your region. However, keep holding the side and volume buttons if you enable Call with Hold.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Select Safety and Emergency on the Settings app. Turn on the Send SOS messages toggle switch. Then, configure the number of side-button rapid presses to enable the SOS feature. When enabled, your selected contacts would receive emergency messages and your current location for 24 hours. The Send SOS messages screen allows you to add your pictures and a five-second audio recording with your sent emergency message. Moreover, your Galaxy smartphone “Auto call” can automatically call your chosen contact after sending the message. Furthermore, on the Safety and Emergency Screen, you can edit your emergency contacts list and turn on the share your location option while making an emergency call. Also, enabling the Emergency mode saves your mobile battery life during a critical situation.

Google Pixel Smartphones

Pixels come with a preinstalled Safety app that has the Emergency SOS feature. Tap the SOS at the top of the opening screen. Next, turn on the Use Emergency SOS toggle switch enabling SOS and configure its control options. With five taps on the power button, your phone plays a loud alarm, calls local emergency services, shares your location with your contacts, and records your video. The Safety app’s opening screen displays your selected emergency contacts. To choose a new contact, tap App contact and select it from your contacts list. To remove any contact from your emergency list, click the x buttons beside the contact list. Tap the Car crash detection on your Pixel’s Safety app screen when you face a car crash. Your phone will ask if you are OK. It will share your current location with emergency services when you don't respond. Watch the demo on your Phone to know the feature better.

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