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“Intimidating” Nails Are a Pretty Chic Way to Stand Out

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“Intimidating” Nails Are a Pretty Chic Way to Stand Out-GadgetAny
Intimidating Nails
It’s not a secret that nail polish  with black is represented a particular sort of vibe. It was once associated with punks, goths, and rock ‘n’ roll hotties or even something that was used by “normies” for Halloween. However, times have changed, and black nails are used by everyone at any time of the year and in any style, whether it’s business or celebration-related. It’s even been able to win Hollywood over, with celebs such as Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Blake Lively, and Kendall Jenner all wearing dark nails varnish on red carpets in recent times. (Meghan Markle, also famously known for her black nail polish, allegedly violated royal protocol. Harry Styles has even sported one or two black nails).
Intimidating Nails
Since this once-shocking color is now more popular and brings an array of options for nail polish lovers worldwide, apart from the numerous brands with their unique take on the classic shade, you can choose between matte or shiny finish. Make it even more fun and nail your tips black to give a scary French nail art, or even incorporate it into some intricate nail art. Metallics and chrome add an exciting twist, and glitter options are easily accessible if you’re having a good time.
Intimidating Nails
Now is the time to take those glittery shades of polish aside and embrace the dark. Below, you’ll find 15 of the top black nail polishes available today, ranging from cheap to high-end choices.
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