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iPhone 14 Camera looks totally bizarre!! Here is why.

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iPhone 14 Camera looks totally bizarre!! Here is why.-GadgetAny

A few buyers of Apple’s expensive iPhone 14 Pro are reporting strange problems. iPhone 14 Pro lineup are experiencing strange issues regarding the camera of the device that include uncontrollable shaking and bizarre grinding sound.

Based on the posts of social media It appears that the issue is only affected by those with iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max cameras when users launch social media applications like Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat.

The issue appears not to cause any issues for the normal camera application. The glitch is also not any effecting the cheaper iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus or iPhone 14 Plus in any way.

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An YouTube video illustrates the camera of an iPhone 14 Pro Max shaking without control with the TikTok application open. The phone makes an odd rattling sound.

Luke Miani, an YouTuber who creates videos on Apple products, revealed in a YouTube video that he was given the iPhone 14 Pro Max that was rumbling in the camera. After the device started to vibrate, its camera seemed damaged, as it could not focus within the normal iPhone camera application, Miani said.

Miani claimed it was possible to exchange the damaged phone with the new phone.

Dozens Reddit users expressed their frustration with the issue in the forum dedicated to iPhone users.

“iPhone 14 Pro Max camera shaking really terrible!” One Reddit user posted on Sunday. “I’ve experienced my camera shaking out of control whenever I launch Snapchat or use the camera app for Instagram. But, I haven’t experience any issues using the camera app that is standard.”

“Noticed similar issues on my 14 Pro just with instagram and Snapchat,” another user replied.

“Mine is doing the same too,” a third user stated. “I tried Apple assistance and they advised me to bring the phone to AT&T and have the phone repaired.”

Apple has not yet responded to a request to comment.

The iPhone 14 Pro starts at $1,000 The iPhone 14 Pro Max sells at $1,100 and higher. The phones were launched on Friday.


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