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Jeslyn Chang: 6 years old girl poisoned by her father. Here is the reason.

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Jeslyn Chang: 6 years old girl poisoned by her father. Here is the reason.-GadgetAny
Jeslyn Chang

The tiny northwestern suburban Inverness community has come together on the 15th of September, on a Thursday to offer prayers for two siblings who were deliberately killed by their dad on the Sunday of the 11th of September.

The 41 year old Woon Chang poisoned Austin Chang, 10 and his younger sister Jeslyn, 6, by intentionally leaving an electric generator in the house. He and his two children were suffocated by carbon monoxide.

Jeslyn Chang
Jeslyn Chang

CBS News said that Woo Chang’s ex-wife visited the house at Inverness the Sunday afternoon around 4.30 pm, after he did not come back with the girl and boy on the time he had scheduled after visiting. The couple was found dead inside the home located within the block 2200 of Palatine Road. The couple’s son Austin, a 10-year-old Austin Chang, were pronounced dead on the spot. The couple’s daughter, aged 6, Jeslyn, was taken to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. The good news is that Jeslyn can now open her eyes and will soon have the breathing tubes removed since she is now breathing by herself.

Austin has been identified as being a pupil by Palatine Township Elementary District 15. The statement said that “The district is just heartbroken and in grief and shock in the wake of this tragedy of the death that one of its students has suffered.”

The statement continued, “Our efforts right now focus is on providing support to students and staff in Frank C Whiteley in the school where the student was a pupil. It’s no surprise it is a heartbreaking loss for everyone from District 15 particularly in the rest this school term when the absence of the child can be felt his classmates and teachers.”

The neighbors found the story difficult to believe and stated that the family seemed to be friendly. “I was shocked to hear thisnews,” told neighbor Renata Dyrda. Woo Chang didn’t have an arrest record. The GoFundMe page to help the family has been set up by a group dubbed Friends. It is aimed at raising funds to cover funeral costs and medical expenses for the family. It has already raised more than $49,000.

The most recent update of the GoFundMe page read, “Thank you so much for your kindness, love and assistance in support of family members of the Chang family. Jeslyn is doing great! She has an echo that was very nice. She’s open her eyes and is tracking. She is listening to instructions. She’s even recognizing faces and is looking at her mommy. It was as if she tried to talk to Chelsie at least a couple of times. They’re getting her breathing tube removed this afternoon as she’s breathing by herself. Please keep praying They are doing their best.”


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