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Kenyan woman alleges employer of forcing her to BREASTFEED DOGS in Saudi Arabia in distasteful video

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Recently, a disgusting video of a woman nursing dogs has been making the rounds on various social media sites. Even though the video alone is uncomfortable enough, the backstory will make your ears explode. The Kenyan lady who posted the video claims that her Saudi Arabian employer made her breastfeed canines. She asserts that she gave birth two months ago, and the employer had her complete the distressing work despite the fact that she was able to breastfeed at the time. When the demeaning incident occurred, the Kenyan woman had left her husband and a two-month-old baby behind to work in Saudi Arabia. Francis Atwoli, the secretary general of the Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU), was shown the video and spoke candidly about the offensive and sinister act. According to NTV Kenya, Atwoli has now urged the government of Kenyan President William Ruto to outlaw employment agencies that coordinate the migration of Kenyan workers to Saudi Arabia. On Sunday, October 9, Atwoli received the video directly from the victim, and she decided to talk about the upsetting incident that the woman had to deal with that day. "She left her husband and children in Kenya two months after giving birth. When they realized she can breastfeed, the employer gave her a job of breastfeeding puppies," he told the news channel. Later, the Kenyan trade unionist reflected on the times under President Kibaki's administration, "This is a form of indirect slavery, and I want to implore our government to follow the example set by President Kibaki's administration under Phylis Kandie. All employment agencies in Kenya were outlawed by her. Make this a government-to-government issue. Allow Kenya to negotiate the terms and conditions of service with Saudi Arabia so that our people can work respectably and not as dog breastfeeders." The unsettling video, in his opinion, "denies Kenyans dignity and respect."

By Awanish Kumar

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