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MacWhisper App Converts Speech-To-Text On A Mac For Free

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Accurate speech-to-text conversion has always been a pain. Ten years ago, the outcome would have cost you $199 as an app purchase, and it would still need much modification to be accurate. But now that is made easy with the MacWhisper app. However, it is at this point that the tangible effects of the AI revolution become apparent because the learning models are able to complete tasks remarkably fast and efficiently. And even though OpenAI's Whisper technology is astonishingly effective at translating speech into text, you need to be a technician or developer to fully utilize it. But now a developer has done the grunt work of creating a charming little Mac app using this technology: MacWhisper. Using the MacWhisper app, you can directly record audio for text transcription (with time stamps). However, things get much more fascinating when you import an audio or video source because the app can immediately produce precise transcription that is time-stamped down to the millisecond. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1277"]MacWhisper - A Speech-To-Text App For Mac Image credit: REGENDUS[/caption]

What's more

The text can be edited after it has been generated. You can copy the transcript after the Reader feature displays the entire text in a document preview. Additionally, to download the whole transcript as an SRT file, click the Share button (this is where those timestamps are incredibly useful). Moreover, by entering a "0" (that's a zero, not the letter o) in the payment form on Gumroad, you can get the MacWhisper app for nothing. In addition, the app currently requires macOS Monterey or Ventura, and an Apple Silicon Mac is advised for the quickest performance. Finally, most individuals will be fine with the free version, but if you want to use it professionally, it is best to invest in the €9 Pro version. The reason is that the accuracy is enhanced because you have access to the 3GB huge data model.

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