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Microsoft Excel new feature gives reason to love the software even more

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Because of a potentially significant breakthrough by the company, your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets may soon be more dynamic than ever. A new Excel update will enable the spreadsheet software to add images directly into a cell, for the first time it makes them part of a worksheet rather than floating on top of it. According to Microsoft, this new function will create your Excel sheets more personalized and customizable, adding a whole new dimension to your work.

Images in Microsoft Excel

According to the company's entry on the official Microsoft 365 roadmap, in addition to directly inserting images into cells, the new "IMAGE" function will also provide users with a variety of extra customization options. Within an Excel table, users are allowed to move and change the size cells, sort and filter, and even work with images. Microsoft Excel new feature It's unclear how this will all work in practise, as the feature is still listed as "in development" for the time being. It does, however, have a general availability date of December 2022, which means we should learn more about how it works soon. When it is released, Microsoft says it will be available to all users on desktop, web, Mac, and Android. The latest Microsoft Excel update aims to make the software more compelling and user-friendly in order to foster greater online collaborative effort across teams in the era of hybrid working. Recently, the company announced that it will be introducing "@mentions" in Excel to make colluding on spreadsheets easier than ever. @mentions allow the user to tag colleagues or coworkers both inside and outside of an organization. These tags can be used to request edits, add more information, or simply clarify a point, but they can also be used to create, assign, and track actions within your workbook. In addition, the company recently added the ability to insert hyperlinks into spreadsheet comments, instead of having to copy and paste from plaintext, as was previously the case.

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