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Netflix Launches “Profile Transfer” to Access Other Accounts

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Netflix Launches “Profile Transfer” to Access Other Accounts-GadgetAny
In 2023, Netflix will crack down on password sharing

All customers will now be able to bring their data and information to other accounts thanks to a new service that Netflix is introducing called “Profile Transfer.” 

It intends to make it easier to transfer suggested material and “Continue Watching” to a separate account without having to sign in to another device, something that Netflix currently disapproves of.

In order to avoid password sharing for the streaming service, it allows users to view Netflix on multiple devices without necessarily transferring their account or checking in.

The Profile Transfer function will assist you with moving your profile to your account so that all of your recommendations, lists, favorites, and current watchlists are saved. Netflix wants you to do this.

In accordance with a press statement from Netflix, customers can transfer their data to another account they’ll have to pay for in order to continue using Netflix.


In order to avoid freeloading or paying for just one account, it encourages users to open an account through the company and pay for their subscription.

Despite the company’s initiative, it is still a promotion to encourage users to open an account on Netflix and break away from their existing commitments.

The news was first reported by Variety, which said that Netflix is using this move to stop users who share an account with the streaming service from using password-sharing techniques. 

Additionally, it is a method for the business to increase the number of Netflix subscribers by allowing users to stream freely accessible series or shows.

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