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Roseanne Barr to return on TV after 5 years controversial exit over her racist remark

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Roseanne Barr to return on TV after 5 years controversial exit over her racist remark-GadgetAny
Roseanne Barr

After being dismissed abruptly by ABC for an apparently offensive tweet that was directed towards an advisor of Barack Obama, Roseanne Barr is preparing to make her return on the screen in the coming year.The 69-year-old actress will create and appear in ‘A Roseanne Comedy Special’ which will be telecast in the US on Fox Nation with “no subjects that are off limits.

Roseanne Barr
Roseanne Barr

In the words of the media group the show will run for one hour and would be the first time she has performed appearance in 16 years. “Roseanne is a comic icon whose humor resonates with the American audience in a way that is unlike any other comedian,” Jason Klarman, president of Fox Nation said. “Her ability to convey the struggles of everyday people and see the humorous in every situation has earned her the fervent fan base of millions of loyal viewers.” Barr will join the ranks of other famous individuals who have their own series that are available on this platform like Sharon Osbourne, whose four-part series is set to premiere on September 26th.

The controversial television star hasn’t appeared on television since she was dismissed from her show “Roseanne” in response to a post on Twitter that claimed Valerie Jarrett, an African-American advisor for Barack as well as Michelle Obama, looked like the “Muslim brotherhood and the planet of the apes was having an infant.”

Barr earlier told Daily Mail that she was hesitant to return to the spotlight after her controversial remarks. Then she was swiftly removed by ABC and the rest of Hollywood was put on the”dole. Barr said that at the time, she did not know about Jarrett’s race. She also revealed that she wrote the post that was later deleted under the influence from Ambien. “When it happened, it was as if I would end my life,” she recalled. “It was horrible and devastation and also unprecedented to have them do this for me.”

Roseanne Barr

Barr thinks ABC’s decision not to fire her was related to her ongoing support for President Donald Trump. “All of Hollywood is just apathetic towards them and they are adamant about those of us who love him. It’s a fact. this. So I guess they sacked me because I was a fan of him. I’m a fan of him since I’m an Jew and he’s a fan of Israel,” Barr said. Barr apologized for “making an untrue joke” about her political views and appearance following her questionable tweet in response to Jarrett. “I am deeply sorry for making a snide joke about her political views and appearance. I should have been aware. My joke may be not in good taste,” she wrote.

However, her posts caused a furious reaction and detractors demanded ABC remove her show, which grew to become the third highest-rated US show, following ‘This Is Us and ‘Sunday night Football.’

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