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Routes for EV Charging Stations will be Added to Google Maps for Android Users Through the App

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Although Google Maps for Android recently received an update, beta testers have already discovered the capabilities that will be added specifically for electric vehicles and their charging routes in version 11.65. Better features for EV drivers will be provided by the soon-to-be-released Google Maps version, particularly for planned journeys toward a certain location that would prevent them from running out of battery power. By displaying the locations of potential charging stations, this feature would help drivers avoid having to stop in the middle of the road due to a dead battery. In its most recent APK Insight deconstruction of the Google Maps beta for version 11.65, reports claim to have discovered hints as to what the upcoming upgrade will include. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1140"]Google Maps Android to add EV charging station routes for clean energy car owners  via app - Crast.net Image credit- Crast.net[/caption] With Google Maps for Android smartphones, EV users may now get relevant information about their trip and recommended routes that take into account the battery capacity of their vehicle. For a limited amount of miles, electric vehicles are recognized for using their batteries to power the drivetrain and other systems. In order to help users on Android smartphones plan trips and select the best routes that will display charging stations, Google will bring what its Android Automotive platform offers. The software may alert a user when there aren't enough charging stations along the route or in the area, or when there won't be much juice left when they get there. Additionally, it would alert drivers to the possibility of a break in their journey in order to recharge their batteries. Google Maps for Android is currently running version 11.64.0701, which was released on January 30. This indicates that this particular version does not yet have integrated features for EV routes. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]EV Fast Chargers to be made available in Google Maps - TechStory Image credit- TechStory[/caption] However, the next update, which will give EV drivers this helpful function, is reportedly on the way. When Google will release its next Maps update is unknown. For the expanding population of owners of electric vehicles in the United States, various businesses and automakers offer their charging stations. Tesla is one among the firms driving this enormous availability and expansion, although its nationwide network of Supercharger stations may only be compatible with its vehicles' infotainment systems for navigation. https://www.gadgetany.com/news/ai-to-update-info-on-google-maps/ To give users information and the locations of their next stops, many app developers work with charging stations across the nation. For Android users, Google takes the Maps app a step further by incorporating it into its navigation capabilities. This will aid in route planning and connect battery information to know the optimum spot to maximize their driving and prevent power loss.

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