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iPhone Visual Look-Up- How it Helps You to Decode Your Car Dashboard Symbols in iOS 17

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(Image credit- Gizmodo) You'll soon be able to read the confusing symbols on your car's dashboard with the help of your iPhone. You may interpret the messages in your cars with the newly enhanced Visual Look Up feature in the next iOS 17. The ability is long overdue, according to experts. According to Casey Jones, the CEO of the IT company CJ&CO, "Car symbols are confusing because they are frequently vague, ambiguous, or unfamiliar." They may differ depending on the brand, model, or year of the vehicle, and they may have various meanings based on the color or shape of the emblem. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1279"]iOS 17 Visual Lookup May Help You Understand Your Car Image credit- Lifewire[/caption]

Visual Lookup for Auto Symbols in iOS 17

Although iOS 17's new ability to comprehend auto symbols hasn't yet been officially disclosed, online Apple watchers have already found the capability. Your iPhone will be able to read the lights on your dashboard, according to a screenshot shared on Reddit. The meanings of the symbols will appear in a pop-up at the bottom of the phone's screen. According to Jones, the Visual Look Up feature will be helpful since it will enable drivers to interpret what their car is attempting to tell them and take the necessary action. The feature, for instance, will explain what it means if the check engine light comes on and what to do next. Drivers can avoid additional car accidents and save time, money, and stress this way. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1400"]iOS 17 Visual Lookup recognizes warning lights on your car's dashboard to tell you what's broken Image credit- BGR[/caption]

Apple has added Visual Lookup to earlier versions of iOS

It is a visual search engine that recognizes and provides details on different items, including places and artwork, that appear in your images using machine learning and artificial intelligence. The Photos app and other built-in programs like Mail, Messages, and Safari all support Visual Look Up. But according to automotive expert James McNally, general director of Self Drive Vehicle Hire, the new addition to Visual Lookup could aid in understanding car symbols, which have grown more complex and perplexing. One issue is the lack of a common standard for symbols used by all automakers, which leads to a wide variety of symbols and variants even within the same brand. He said, "As technology develops, cars integrate more complicated characteristics, resulting in an expansion in the number and complexity of symbols. Additionally, automotive emblems can differ depending on the model, trim level, or extra equipment, making it difficult for drivers to properly interpret them. These issues underline the necessity for a remedy like the Visual Look Up tool by adding to the uncertainty surrounding automotive emblems. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1500"]iOS 17 Visual Lookup May Help You Understand Your Car Image credit- Lifewire[/caption]

Figuring out Dashboard Symbols

Symbols on your dashboard are likely to have lit up at some stage if you own a car. These symbols serve as indicators that provide information on the condition of your car, such as the tire pressure, battery charge, engine temperature, and oil pressure. Some signals, like the low fuel warning or the seat belt reminder, are simple to comprehend. Others, though, like the traction control light or the warning for the diesel particulate filter, might be more perplexing. Ignoring automobile symbols could have serious negative effects on your vehicle and safety. More than half of UK drivers need to understand some of the most used dashboard signals, according to reports. Experts caution that failures, accidents, or even injuries could occur if you don't comprehend the warning lights on your car. One of the spookier scenarios is that the signal could indicate an issue with your engine. The malfunction of an oxygen sensor, a misfiring cylinder, or a loose gas cap is all possible causes of the check engine light. Ignoring this warning signal could cause damage to your engine, increase fuel consumption, cause dangerous pollutants to be released, or cause you to fail an emissions test. Also read: No, Tesla Cybertruck production will not be delayed any further  

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