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Save15% on Logitech’s excellent MX Keys and MX Keys Mini

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Save15% on Logitech’s excellent MX Keys and MX Keys Mini-GadgetAny
Logitech MX Keys

Despite the fact that Logitech sells a lot of keyboards, the MX Keys series offers the best wireless connectivity and premium membrane construction. You can now purchase two models for 15% less than they usually cost.

Currently, the Logitech MX Keys are available for $101.99, $18 less than the regular price. It is a full-size wireless keyboard with a number pad and action buttons on the function row. Even though this keyboard is membrane and not mechanical, typing on it feels wonderful, especially if you’re used to laptop keyboards. For easier typing, the square keys have a rounded indent.

Logitech MX Keys Mini
Image credit: aMAZON

The keyboard connects via Bluetooth, but there is a USB wireless receiver included if you want to decrease latency (or use the keyboard before startup, such as on a BIOS screen). Up to three connections can be saved simultaneously, and you can switch between them by pressing a certain key combination. For instance, you could use the keyboard with a desktop PC first, then press a button to switch to your laptop. The keyboard has a USB Type-C port, but you can’t connect a wired USB device to it; instead, it can only be used to recharge the battery.

The MX Keys Mini, which was previously $99.99, is now $84.99 thanks to a discount from Logitech. With the exception of a smaller layout without a number pad, it is nearly identical to the MX Keys. The newer “Bolt” wireless adapter from Logitech, which is not provided in the box, is used by the keyboard. The Bolt adapter is offered for sale separately if Bluetooth isn’t sufficient for you.

Logitech MX Keys
Image credit: aMAZON

The MX Keys Mini has been my primary keyboard for a few months, and it functions well. However, I wish the Bolt adapter had been included in the box. I can fit a larger mousepad on my desk thanks to the smaller layout, and I’m accustomed to the size from using laptops. A review of the Logitech MX Keys can be found on our sister site ReviewGeek, which also discusses the MX Master 3.

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