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Some Guidelines on Cleaning Home Exercise Equipment

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Some Guidelines on Cleaning Home Exercise Equipment-GadgetAny
Some Guidelines on Cleaning Home Exercise Equipment

Working out at home has always been both a necessity and a luxury, but since the pandemic, we’ve all grown accustomed to doing it much more frequently. Additionally, we all know to clean the machines after we use them at the gym, but how seriously do we do it at home? Of course, you clear your water bottle and sweat towel every day (we hope). But your kettlebells and the stationary bike may not be. So, here are a few cleaning guidelines for your home exercise equipment.

Dumbbells and barbells

You just need to clean your barbell twice a month, according to Origin Fitness (In commercial settings when individuals frequently use the barbell but don’t clean it after usage, the suggested wipe frequency is once a week).

Furthermore, brush the bar, put some three-in-one oil on a rag, and leave it on overnight before wiping it all down in the morning. Additionally, after each usage, sanitize your dumbbells by wiping them with a disinfectant solution or soap and water. Use the same procedures as for your barbells if they have metal grips.

Some Guidelines on Cleaning Home Exercise Equipment


Did you know your treadmill’s motor area needs to be cleaned once a month? It’s true, but even The Home Gym admits that it’s more likely that you’ll only do it once every three months. So, when you do, unplug the device, remove the treadmill’s hook, clean the area around it, and then check your handbook to see if there’s anything else you should be doing. For instance, some manuals can suggest using a dry cloth rather than a vacuum.

Moreover, you should use a moist towel to wipe off the exterior after each usage to keep it clean. In addition, moist cloth or a vacuum should be used to clean behind the belt about once a month.


According to the wellness firm Vitalized Future, you should wash your kettlebells twice a week with warm water and dish soap. Also, after each usage, wipe them down with a microfiber cloth as well. Lastly, use a disinfectant spray, paying special attention to the handle once a week.

Workout bike

Since stationary bikes are currently very popular, you should be familiar with cleaning and maintaining this home exercise equipment. So, Sunny Health, a company that makes equipment for at-home workouts, advises that you should wipe sweat and oil off your bike with a cloth after each usage before cleaning it with a homemade solution of 1:9 soap to warm water. After that, spray it on any area of the bike you touched with a spray bottle, then wipe it off.

Some Guidelines on Cleaning Home Exercise Equipment

Gym and yoga mats

Every time you use your yoga or floor mat, you should quickly wipe it out with soap and water or a commercial mat cleaner. But, according to REI, even this is insufficient. The reason is that mats need a deep cleaning once a month. But even so, you should always check the manufacturer’s directions as you can usually just throw these bad guys in the washer.

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