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The Gas App Is Incredibly Refreshing for Teenagers

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Due to maximalism, hyper-beauty, and happiness expectations cultivated by social media, some users now prefer connection over aesthetics. Teenagers can break free from the old social media stereotypes with Gas - an app that focuses on fostering optimism in a smaller social network. After its August 2022 release, the Wall Street Journal reported that Gas was the most popular social media app in the Apple App Store. Even if this is great in and of itself, it is noteworthy in light of the fact that the app is only available in 12 states. However, Gas claims on its website that this will increase with its server capacity. But, we still don't know which 12 states have access to the app or when it would expand to other states. Gas App Furthermore, users of Gas anonymously respond to a variety of poll questions like “Who is most likely to dress up as the poop emoji for Halloween?” and “Bodies every new sport they try,” which includes their buddies as the options. Interestingly, the app refers to this as becoming "gassed up." Moreover, users of the app can earn coins by responding to poll questions, which let them see who responded to particular questions about them. And unlike other well-known social networking apps, there is no direct messaging feature. More details Even though anyone may sign up, the Gas app caters more to teen users, especially since users can choose their high school to establish a friends list that only includes other students from that school. Additionally, according to Gas, the company only ever utilizes the location information once during the sign-up process to assist users in choosing their high school. Also, app co-creator Nikita Bier told the Wall Street Journal that the information isn't even kept on the platform's servers. Gas App On another note, Gas looks to be a part of a recent trend of social media applications that place an emphasis on authenticity and more intimate social networks, such as BeReal, which only permits posting once per day within a two-minute limit. Lastly, the questions on Gas all skew positive, and according to its website, Gas's purpose is to "create a place that makes us feel better about ourselves," despite its basic UI and limited user interaction. Isaiah Turner, Dave Schatz, and Nikita Bier are the creators of the Gas app. The third of them also built tbh in 2017, which is a strikingly similar (but now defunct) app.

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