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"This guy slept with his girlfriend's son and now he's in love with him"

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Despite the fact that it actually occurred, Noah (assumed first name) never intended to have an affair with his own girlfriend's son. Completely bewildered, the 40-something turned to Deidre Sanders, the Sun writer who specializes in love guidance, for assistance. "My spouse and I are both 44 years old, while her son is 21 years old. After meeting online, we have been living together for a year. We both got a divorce. We have a wonderful relationship and a healthy sexual life. Although I was always aware of my attraction to both men and women, I never did anything about it. As a result, I have never identified as bisexual or mentioned my preference for men to anyone. Then Noah clarified that he was not indifferent to his partner's son's appeal, saying, "He is perfectly my type - skinny, blond, and strong. I began daydreaming about him. When the young man moved in with them, the situation changed: "I saw that he was staring at me. He was actually very touchy. I resisted it because I was startled by it. My partner, though, was once out with some buddies. Our house was empty. We had a few beers, and we were a little tipsy. He gave me a blowjob after one thing led to another. Since then, we have had affairs whenever we can. He admitted to me that he was falling for me but insisted that his mother not know. [caption id="attachment_59734" align="aligncenter" width="509"]Bisexual Credit: istock[/caption]

"It's the worst betrayal"

Noah admitted in his letter's closing paragraph that he felt bad for being unfaithful. Despite his affection for his other half, the 40-year-old said he did not want this trip to come to an end. He then questioned, "What should I do? " Deidre Sanders insisted that she cease the relationship right away, saying, "Not only are you cheating on your girlfriend and perhaps putting her in risk - I hope at least you are using precautions - but you are doing it with her son. The biggest treachery has occurred. You and your partner are both adults, but since you are the more responsible one, it is up to you. Inform him that you must stop and take precautions to prevent a repeat.

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