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What Makes the Turanza EV Grand Touring Tyre from Bridgestone Different from Regular Tyres?

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(Image credit- The Business) In terms of performance and power sources alone, electric vehicles are a distinct breed from internal combustion engines (ICE), but one aspect of EVs that has long been overlooked is their tires. In order to improve the performance and efficiency of electric vehicles as well as to provide a longer tire life that is to say that it is more resistant to wear, Bridgestone is now introducing an EV-specific tire. Even while there are goods like these, electric cars are much more demanding and particular about the parts they come with, especially when it comes to a crucial component of a vehicle, its tires. The Turanza EV Grand Touring Tyre, developed especially for electric cars (EVs), is Bridgestone's most recent invention. This tire, which boasts a 50,000-mile warranty, exemplifies Bridgestone's dedication to creating cutting-edge technology to satisfy the particular requirements of EV owners. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Bridgestone Debuts an EV Tire, the Turanza EV Grand Touring Tire—What is the Difference from Regular Ones? | Tech Times Image credit- Tech Times[/caption] The Turanza EV Grand Touring Tyre has Bridgestone's brand-new 'Enliten' technology, which is designed for all-season performance, making it one of its prominent characteristics. This technology offers EV owners a durable and dependable option because it offers longer wear life in addition to great traction and handling in a variety of weather conditions. Additionally demonstrating Bridgestone's dedication to sustainability is the Turanza EV Grand Touring Tyre. The tire's use of recycled and renewable materials is in line with the environmental objectives of the business. The Turanza EV Grand Touring Tyre uses 'PeakLife' polymer to further improve its performance. The tire's resistance to wear is improved by this ground-breaking material, making it especially well-suited for the greater curb weight frequently associated with EVs.

What Sets EV-Specific Tyres Apart from Regular Tyres?

According to the reports, EVs tend to put additional strain on tires due to higher load during accelerating, braking, and stopping. The Turanza EV Grand Touring Tire's increased durability responds to these demands, providing optimum performance and safety. Although the Turanza EV Grand Touring Tyre was created exclusively for electric vehicles (EVs), it can also be used on vehicles powered by internal combustion engines (ICEs). This all-season tire's advantages can be enjoyed by drivers of ICE and EV vehicles alike because of its adaptability. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Bridgestone Introduces Turanza EV Grand Touring Tires for EV Image credit- LetsEMove[/caption]

The Evolution of Tyres for Modern Vehicles

In addition to helping to keep the car moving constantly with the ideal pressure it requires, tires are crucial because they offer traction and contribute to the stopping power of the vehicle. Recently, the METL firm made the tires from the NASA Rover available to the general public, providing stronger ones for bicycles. In addition, Michelin unveiled one of the most exciting concepts for airless automobile tires of the future, a tire that would never go flat even if it were perforated along the route. At this point, electric vehicles are novel, and the growing popularity of these clean energy vehicles means that the industry must catch up. Bridgestone's new invention aims to provide EVs with fresh rubber. Also read: 5 Ways to Keep Car Wheels in Good Condition To Ensure Safe Driving With EVs, businesses like Tesla, Ford, Volkswagen, Rivian, GM, and others might gain from the new all-season EV tire.  

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