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YouTube Is Being Attacked By Hackers Using Vicious Malware

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Photo Credit: Deccan Chronicle Using the content generated by AI on YouTube, users are being scammed into downloading malware that is capable of stealing their information which may be sensitive. Across platforms, AI is becoming popular, and along with development comes dangers. Since November 2022, there has been a 200% to 300% surge of videos on YouTube which contain sources of malware in the descriptions directly like RedLine, Raccoon, and Vidar according to a reliable research firm. These videos are uploaded in the guise of classes to download software that otherwise will have to be bought for licensed AutoCAD, AutoDesk, PhotoShop, etc. These hackers are making money by using videos generated by AI on programs like D-ID and Synthesia which make videos showcasing features with trustworthy and familiar humans. According to the research firm, CloudSEK states that the technology has been used on social media and has been used in promotional, recruitment, educational fields for a long time now. By clicking the links the malware which steals the personal information gets downloaded by the users as they can be tricked easily into the above mentioned ways. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Traffers: a deep dive into the information stealer ecosystem Photo Credit: SEKOIA.IO Blog[/caption] The malware gets access to the user’s information like account numbers, passwords, credit card info etc, basically the data which should not be disclosed and is then misused by the hacker’s Control server and Command. These are not the only information at risk, browser data, txt, IP address, Crypto data etc also can be misused by infostealer malware. The AI generated malware has a detection system and antivirus on top of it, however, there are many developers stealing information so that the ecosystem is fine and alive. Also Read: TikTok's Newest Filter Raises Questions CloudSEK reported that the bad actors first appeared alongside the AI revolution in November 2022, but until early February, some of the earliest media coverage of hackers leveraging ChatGPT code to produce malware didn't appear. The traffers are employed by the developers who steal information who can trace victims through forums, Telegram channels etc. the information stealers basically attach their malware with the traffers phishing emails, YouTube guide, hoax websites, and other social media content. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Cybercriminals are Using ChatGPT to Create Hacking Tools and Code Photo Credit: Analytics Insight[/caption] Another scam involving bogus advertisements for the paid version of ChatGPT hosted by criminal actors on websites and social media has also been reported. But with YouTube, the accounts are overtaken and multiple videos are uploaded to get the original creator’s followers attention. These hackers take control of accounts that are not used and most visited accounts. Also Read: Wiper malware is in the air, as it is effective, fast, & irreversible An account that has 100,000 followers, if a hacker attaches malware videos, it is definitely going to get some clicks before the original owner of the video gains control. The subscribers can report the video as dangerous and report it to the platform which will be then removed. An account that has less followers, may have live infected videos and the account holder will not even be aware. Fake and short comments like cutt.ly and bit.ly can be added to the video to make it look like it is genuine.

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