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7 Netflix Hacks To Save You From Spending Lot Of Money

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If you are not obsessed with Netflix shows, then what are you even doing. Netflix has casually entered our daily routine and is here to stay indefinitely. However, this is the time to learn some of the best Netflix hacks to save your money. 

Get the hang of your billing plans

If you don’t know when your Netflix account renews, you can visit Netflix’s Billing Activity page to find out when your account is normally billed. You can simply cancel your Netflix membership at any point if you are not using the service, which allows you to save money. If there is an upcoming show you really want to watch, you can just log into your account and sign-up again for your subscription.

Choose a cheaper Netflix plan

You should choose the Netflix plan that suits your needs the most, which might save you a few extra dollars. Netflix offers three plans- basic, standard, and premium. While the Standard plan is the most popular option, you are also paying $5.50 more than you could be paying with the Basic plan ($9.99 per month). If you are the only one who watches and uses Netflix, you should consider switching to the Basic plan. Of course, you can always upgrade to the Standard plan if you want a 1080p display or if you want to share your account with someone else.
Subscription plan Monthly price Streaming quality Simultaneous streams Access to content
Basic $9.99 Standard Definition (not HD) One Every Netflix title
Standard $15.99 High Definition (HD) Two Every Netflix title
Premium $19.99 HD and 4K Ultra HD Four Every Netflix title

Share your Netflix Account

share netflix accounts Sharing is caring, and in this case, you will also end up saving money. The next one in the list of Netflix hacks is to share your account with your friends and family. In addition, Netflix allows you to split account costs with your family or friends. The premium plan allows four screens to connect at the same time, so if four people split this package, then your monthly payment is automatically reduced. 

Find free subscription offers

This might come as a surprise but T-Mobile will actually pay for your Netflix plans. This is one of the netflix hacks that very few people know. If you have T-Mobile and were unaware of that, you can ask your wireless provider how to get the Netflix on Us offer. 

Download in advance

It is not possible for all to have unlimited data plans for their mobile devices, so we need to think of the bigger picture. Watching Netflix on the go is fun, but spending extra money on your phone plans is not fun. The easiest way to tackle this situation is to download all your favorite movies and shows beforehand. 

Change your mobile streaming settings to a lower resolution

Yes, we are all used to HD and Ultra-HD streaming. However, if you wish to watch a show on your mobile data, there is a feature that will reduce your wireless data bill. All you need to do is to open the Netflix app, tap on your profile icon in the top right corner, tap App Settings, tap Video Playback, and select Cellular Data Usage. Now disable “Automatic” and select Save Data.

Consider Alternative Streaming Options

If you are running out of options (and cash), you might need to take a big step and cut out Netflix from your life before it drains your bank. Instead, you should consider looking into cheaper alternatives. And trust us, there are lots of options out there that will allow you to access multiple contents without having to pay a ridiculous amount of money.  Hope these Netflix hacks are enough to save you some money from spending unnecessarily.

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