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Adobe Express Adds AI Features to Take on Canva, Now Supports Over 100 Languages

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(Image credit- No Film School) Many companies have been rushing to use generative AI, and lately Adobe Express disclosed that it has implemented an AI-powered feature that would help it compete with Canva.

Adobe Express is Adding More AI Features to Its Firefly Model

The reports claimed that Firefly, the company's very own generative AI model that enables customers to create customized visuals and text effects, will be installed on Adobe Express. For the user's visuals for marketing and social media, this may be quite helpful. Prior to Adobe deciding that it was time for its users to have access to its AI-powered features, the software was in beta for a number of months. Users of Adobe Express would be able to employ its Firefly generative AI model with the newly released version. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2000"]Adobe rolls out new generative AI features for Adobe Express - The Verge Image credit- The Verge[/caption]

Adobe Express, Formerly Known as Adobe Spark, can Compete with Canva and Microsoft Designer

Even people without prior design knowledge will now have access to a tool that enables users to generate these designs with the aid of AI in Adobe Express, the company's cloud-based design platform. The platform has a similar appearance to other services like Microsoft Designer or the social media-friendly Canva, and it was previously known as Adobe Spark. This was made possible by their capacity to offer simple templates and efficient methods for producing various kinds of content.

Users have Access to a Variety of Content types, Including Posters, PDFs, and More

According to the reports, some sorts of content include posters, PDFs, and visuals created for social media. Users can easily alter videos, images, and other specific posts on the platforms for a variety of purposes. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]What's new in Adobe Express Image credit- Adobe Support[/caption] Users would need to sign up for the Adobe Express Premium subscription model, which has a monthly cost of $9.99, in order to access the additional abilities with premium features and assets. However, the most recent version of Express is still accessible for free on desktop browsers, and a mobile version is shortly to be available.

Canva has Provided AI-powered Features Since at Least 2019

Other subscription plans available to users include Creative Cloud members, who provide the feature at no additional cost to current users. Regarding the enterprise tier, the capability is already accessible and used for collaboration. Despite Adobe Express being available to users since 2021, the generative AI feature has only recently become accessible. Users of Express would be able to create unique graphics and text effects because the feature supports more than 100 different languages. Canva, a rival company, has supported AI-powered features at least since 2019. A tool that would automatically remove the backdrop from a certain image was added, which helped with this. Also read: How to Resize an Image On Any Device

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