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Apple Invests In Green Bonds To Reduce Carbon Emissions

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Apple Invests In Green Bonds To Reduce Carbon Emissions-GadgetAny
Apple invests in Green Bonds

Apple uses the first carbon-free aluminium to build iPhone SE to reduce its carbon footprint. The company developed the first order of the new aluminium through a process called “ELYSIS”, a new smelting process producing oxygen instead of greenhouse gases.

Apply created ELYSIS through funding from its $4.7 billion dollars Green Bonds investments in low-carbon and recycling technologies that can reduce harmful emissions. The company announced a ten-year roadmap two years back highlighting its plans to reduce emissions by 75% and develop carbon carbon removal solutions for the rest of its carbon footprint.

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Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives, commented that, “Apple is committed to leaving the planet better than we found it, and our Green Bonds are a key tool to drive our environmental efforts forward.” She further elaborated that, “Our investments are advancing the breakthrough technologies needed to reduce the carbon footprint of the materials we use, even as we move to using only renewable materials across our products to conserve our planet’s finite resources.”

The company aims to be carbon free by 2030, already using clean energy to power its global facilities. Plus, the Green Bonds will also benefit other projects like clean energy initiatives. 

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