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CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, the Company Is “Absolutely Not for Sale”

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David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, appears to be attempting to dispel reports that he plans to sell the business to companies like Comcast.  He reportedly informed staff members on a Zoom chat on Wednesday that "we are not for sale, absolutely, not for sale," according to a story from Deadline. He avoided addressing rumors, although his remarks appear to be in response to a recent article from The Hollywood Reporter. In addition, the publication said earlier this month that "senior industry execs" were "convinced" that Warner Bros. and Comcast, owners of NBCUniversal and the Peacock streaming service, were close to merging.  Warner Bros Discovery After Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, some people already lament the loss of another significant studio. Furthermore, it is simple to comprehend why there are whispers that the business may be considering a buyout.  The Hollywood Reporter points out that the company's quest for a leader for its 10-year DC plan hasn't been very successful, that it has a tremendous amount of debt, that there have been layoffs, and that there are rumors of more to come. In other words, the period after the completion of the mega-merger that gave rise to the corporation has been challenging.  Warner Bros Discovery David Zaslav reportedly assured staff that "we have everything we need to be successful to be the biggest entertainment media company in the world," The organization is close to meeting its $3 billion cost-cutting target, according to Deadline.  Meanwhile, customers may think the situation is horrible, but why sell now when your business is going just as you want it to?

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