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European Users Now Can Pay to Stop Ads on Facebook and Instagram

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If you use Facebook and Instagram in Europe, there's good news. You can now decide whether you want to see ads or not, but there's a catch: you have to pay for it. The company that owns Facebook and Instagram, Meta, recently revealed that users in the European Union, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland, have the option to pay for a monthly subscription to enjoy these platforms without any ads. The cost is €9.99 (about $10.60) if you use the web version and €12.99 (around $13.78) on iOS and Android devices.

Additional Costs for Multiple Accounts For The European

Instagram and Facebook are popular social media platforms that allow people to connect with friends and share pictures and updates. Instagram is mainly about sharing photos and short videos, and you can follow accounts you like to see their posts in your feed. Facebook is a broader platform where you can post text updates, photos, and videos and connect with a wider range of people, including family and friends. Both apps have features like liking, commenting, and sharing content to interact with others and stay connected in a digital world. Starting from March, there will be an extra charge if you have more than one account connected to your user profile. The fee will be €6 (approximately $6.37) on the web and €8 (about $8.48) on iOS and Android for each additional account listed in your Account Center. Also Read-  In Turkey, Twitter restricts access to some tweets ahead of the presidential election.

Why This Change For The European?

The reason for this change is to follow the rules set by European regulators, which aim to limit how US tech companies use personalized ads. The European Union has been making its rules stricter and will soon require big tech companies like Meta to get users' permission to show them personalized ads. In July, a court ruling allowed tech companies to use subscription models as a way to get users' consent for ad-free experiences. Now, Facebook and Instagram are offering this choice to their European users. Remember, you can still use Facebook and Instagram for free, but you'll continue to see ads unless you choose to subscribe. This ad-free option is only available in Europe. Under the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, companies can collect and use personal data from EU citizens, but there are specific rules they must follow. Meta has argued that it needs user data for advertising to fulfill its contracts with users. However, privacy advocates and regulators have disagreed, saying that this justification isn't enough.


In response, Meta stated that they believe in a free, ad-supported internet and will continue offering free access to their services, regardless of a user's income. They also expressed their commitment to respecting the evolving European regulations and complying with them.

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