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New Amazon AI Feature To Pretty Up Their Product Shots

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Amazon is launching a clever tool that uses smart computer tricks to make pictures look more interesting for ads. Right now, they're trying it out with a few advertisers, but they plan to let more people use it in the future. Here's how it works: Advertisers upload a picture, describe the background they want, pick a theme, and click a button. They can also make adjustments if they want. It's like trying on different outfits to see which one looks best! They showed an example with a toaster on a table with autumn decorations like colorful leaves and a big orange pumpkin. But there was a little mistake - they accidentally added a fork in a strange spot. Despite that, the background still looked pretty real. Also Read: How to use amazon echo as a Bluetooth speaker? Lots of big companies, like Nestlé and Unilever, are turning to special computer programs (like ChatGPT and DALL-E) to help make their ads. Creating eye-catching ads can be expensive and tricky, but these programs make it easier. Colleen Aubrey, who's in charge of Amazon's ad products, said they're always thinking of ways to make advertising simpler and more effective. They want to give advertisers tools that work really well without needing tons of extra work. Amazon believes this new tool will help make ads better. Instead of plain pictures with boring backgrounds, advertisers can now put their products in scenes that tell a story. They think this could make people more likely to click on the ads - maybe up to 40% more! Amazon has been getting more serious about using smart computer tricks lately. They made a tool to help sellers write descriptions for their products, and they use this kind of technology to summarize customer reviews. This new tool is great news for advertisers of all sizes. Even if they don't have fancy teams or special help, they can now make cool images for their brands. And it's super easy to use - you don't need to be a computer expert. To use it, you just type in what you want, and it gives you lots of options to choose from. But there's a funny thing: in Amazon's own example, there's a fork in a really odd spot. It's a bit like when someone makes a mistake with their fingers! Overall, the backgrounds this tool makes look pretty real and not too different from the pictures you often see on Amazon. Amazon has already been using smart computer programs to help sellers write good descriptions. All you need to do is give a short description of your product, and Amazon fills in the rest. Amazon's boss, Andy Jassy, has said that every team at Amazon is working with this kind of smart computer tech. He thinks it's going to be a really important part of what they do, and they're putting a lot of effort into it. He mentioned this during a recent talk about how Amazon is doing in 2023.

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