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Canva launches AI Classroom Magic

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Canva, the famous design platform, has unveiled an exciting suite of AI tools named Classroom Magic, specially crafted for teachers. These tools are designed to assist educators in various tasks. Like planning lessons, editing content, reformatting documents, and improving images and text. With over 50 million users in education, Canva's Classroom Magic has become one of the most extensive AI-powered educational tools available.

Canva for Education

Four years ago, Canva introduced Canva for Education, a platform that grants educators access to premium design tools, graphics, templates, and collaborative spaces for student projects. Classroom Magic is a fantastic addition to Canva for Education, offering AI support for lesson creation, design, and classroom assignments. The development of Classroom Magic sources from conversations with teachers, students, and district leaders worldwide. Two significant challenges were identified in education: teachers spending too much time outside the classroom preparing lessons and the need to prepare students for the increasing role of AI in their future. Canva's response is Classroom Magic, providing teachers with time-saving AI tools and educational resources.

Teaching Teachers: Bridging the AI Knowledge Gap

While teachers are eager to embrace AI in their teaching, many don't know where to begin. Canva steps in with professional development courses, cheat sheets, and hands-on workshops to help teachers. And also help them learn how to use AI safely and effectively. Canva's release of Classroom Magic underscores the company's dedication to supporting educators and preparing students for an AI-driven future. With its extensive reach in the education sector, Canva's AI tools have the potential to make a significant impact on classroom learning worldwide. Also Read- Adobe Express Adds AI Features to Take on Canva, Now Supports Over 100 Languages

The Magic of Classroom Magic: AI-Powered Features

Classroom Magic offers a range of AI-powered features. Magic Write is a copywriting assistant to help students and teachers generate content efficiently. The Magic Grab Images creates complete images and art in various design styles, while Magic Animate adds automatic animations to lessons and assignments. Magic Switch and Magic Grab Text aid teachers in moving classroom work online by converting whiteboard notes. And also brainstormed ideas into documents and editable text. Canva's AI tools prioritize accessibility. They provide multilingual translation support. And also generates alt text for images and offers an Accessibility Checker that scans designs for common accessibility issues. These features ensure that educational materials created with Canva are accessible and inclusive for all learners. Conclusion: In a world where technology is advancing at a rapid pace, it's essential to equip educators and students with the tools they need to thrive. Canva's Classroom Magic emerges as a game-changer in the education sector. And also offers AI-powered assistance to teachers in lesson preparation, content creation, and accessibility. With Canva's extensive user base in education, Classroom Magic has the potential to revolutionize the way teachers and students approach learning in the digital age. Canva's commitment to education and AI technology paves the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for all learners.  

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