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Game Boy and Game Boy Advance are added to Nintendo Switch Online

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Nintendo revealed that it will be bringing Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games to its Nintendo Switch Online service during the February 2023 Nintendo Direct. Basic subscribers will have access to Game Boy games, while Expansion Pack subscribers will have access to Game Boy Advance titles. The unexpected news fulfills a long-rumored Switch Online update. Players will be able to enable three filters on Game Boy titles: Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, and Game Boy Color, in addition to the availability of vintage handheld games. Amazon.com: Nintendo Switch V2 Game Console - Black (HAC-001(-01) w/ OEM Blue/Red Joycon (Renewed) Photo Credit: Amazon.com The Game Boy lineup now includes the following eight classic games, with more to come. Here is the most recent list:
  • The New Nightmare: Alone in the Dark
  • Gallery 3 of the game and see Gargoyle's Quest
  • Kirby's Fantasy World
  • Metroid II: Samus Returns
  • Golden Coins in Super Mario Land 2: Six
  • Tetris
  • 3D Wario Land with The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

The following six games are now playable for Expansion Pack subscribers.

  • In Kuru Kuru Kuru
  • Super Circuit Mario Kar
  • Luigi and Mario: Superstar Saga
  • Super Mario Bros. 3: Super Mario Advance 4
  • The Minish Cap from The Legend of Zelda
  • Mega MicroGames Mo WarioWare
Mario Kart: Super Circuit ... (GBA) Gameplay - YouTube Photo Credit: YouTube The library will eventually receive more games. Other forthcoming Game Boy Advance titles include Metroid Fusion, Golden Sun, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, F-Zero Maximum Velocity, and Fire Emblem. Other classic consoles like the NES and SNES are included in the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service, and premium Expansion Pass subscribers can play some titles from the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis. Subscribers have access to additional services in addition to playing these classic games, such using cloud saves and playing multiplayer with others.

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