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Google brings a lighter version of Google Photos

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Google brings a lighter version of Google Photos-GadgetAny
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  • Google claimed to bring a lighter version of google photos.
  • “Gallery Go” is the name of the alternative google photos.
  • Its weight is just 10 MB.
  • With Gallery Go, smartphone owners can easily find, edit, and manage photos, without the need for Internet or Cloud backup.

San Francisco: Google announced that Google brings a new alternative of google photos to help users store photos in handsets having less storage and unreliable Internet connection, Google has introduced a lighter alternative to Google Photos called “Gallery Go” that weighs just 10MB.

The photo gallery app “Gallery Go” is designed to work offline and automatically organize photos using Machine Learning (ML) and help first-time smartphone owners easily find, edit, and manage photos, without the need for Internet or Cloud backup.

This light app comes with editing tools for instant fixes along with a variety of filters.

Gallery Go can automatically organizes your photos by the people and things you take pictures of, so you can easily find your favorite selfie, remember where you had the best puff puff, and keep track of relevant documents. You do not have to label your photos manually, and all these features run on your phone without using your data. You can create folders to organize your photos, and Gallery Go works with SD cards, so you can easily copy them from your phone.

Google Gallery Go makes finding that one photo a snap. It keeps all your photos organized, and lets you search for specific family members, friends, animals, meals, or even selfies.

With one-tap editing, Gallery Go helps your photos look their best. Easy-to-use tools like auto-enhance, filter, rotate, and crop will take your shots from okay to amazing.

Gallery Go is built to use less: less space and less data. So you can manage and share photos without slowing down your phone.

Gallery Go is available on the Google Play Store for devices running Android 8.1 (Oreo) or higher. While the app is available worldwide, some features such as organizing photos by people are not available in all countries. For those of you who joined us at Google for Nigeria, Gallery Go will come pre-installed as the gallery app on the Itel S15 and select A55 devices beginning next month.

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