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In Uruguay, a Building Inspired by Jenga Will Be Built—Explore This Futuristic Project in More Detail!

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The Netherlands-based architecture firm MVRDV's project Ziel, which defies convention, will be unveiled, and it plans to change the Uruguayan environment. Get ready to be mesmerized as a Jenga-inspired structure takes shape, bringing together sustainable living and futuristic design. Ziel occupies a prominent location in the center of Montevideo, just a short distance from the glistening ocean waves. It combines the splendor of the outdoors with the energy of the city by occupying a corner lot close to Villa Biarritz Park. However, this is not just any building; rather, it is an open invitation to embrace a way of life where light, air, and communal spaces coexist together. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Jenga-inspired architecture - Project | ODS Image credit- Outdoor design Source[/caption] Imagine a stack of distinct houses, each one delicately balanced like pieces in a Jenga game. The concept of openness is given life by Ziel's creative design. The building serves as an entrance to the countryside, a verdant oasis high above the bustling city, as the sun lays its golden glory over Ziel, revealing a secret as it does so. Every unit has roomy balconies and loggias that invite you to take in the expansive views. The architects carefully created ten distinct floor plans, including three-bedroom havens, so that there is a home for every soul. Also read: Davinci Motor’s E-Motorcycle To Be Unveiled At CES 2023 The inspirational driving force behind Ziel, according to MVRDV's visionary founding partner Jacob van Rijs, was to "show that you can have the spaciousness and nature of the countryside on the tenth floor in the middle of the city." Families with children should be able to live in the city, in our opinion.

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