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Indiegogo Backed Scooter Model Eleven To Not Make It

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Indiegogo Backed Scooter Model Eleven To Not Make It-GadgetAny

The scooter Model Eleven garnered 345 backers on Indiegogo with a collection of $700,000 but will not be launched. However, the company offers backers three options to compensate for this.

The CEO and CoFounder of Unagi, David Hyman, stated in his email, “With the incredible wind in our sails around our subscription offering, and how this works as a superior business model for us as well as consumer adoption (where our daily subscriber count trumps our sales by 20 to 1), the Model Eleven, priced as a subscription would have been prohibitively expensive for material adoption,”

“We always envisioned the Eleven to be a low-margin passion project we’d sell direct only, and not through retailers. But since we don’t believe it will work under subscription at that high price point, we’ve made the tough decision to leave it behind.”

Hardware is the tricky part of a product. Not all crowdfunding projects are fruitful as they have a gray side. The manufacturing and business models do not match the product’s initial building. Hyman says that subscription models work better than those built for commercial purposes.

The backers are being offered choices to show them that the company cares about them and that the company’s belief matters. Each backer backed the project with $2000, and the options given to them were:

  • A three-year subscription with complete access to the Model One Voyager, with an option to choose whatever color they want with theft insurance and a new scooter. The scooter is set to arrive in November, a month before formal release, valued at $2,412
  • A refund
  • Own two Voyager scooters valued at $2390 with one year warranty

The company may email the Indiegogo backers today about the above options.

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