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Louisa, an AI-driven social media startup, is unveiled by Goldman Sachs

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Louisa, an AI-driven social media startup, is unveiled by Goldman Sachs-GadgetAny
Goldman Sachs

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With the launch of Louisa, an AI-powered networking platform, Goldman Sachs has entered the social media sphere. In order to improve employee connectedness and ease information sharing within organizations, the platform was created.

25,000 Active Users Per Month

With 25,000 monthly active users and a fivefold increase in interaction this year, Louisa, which was named after Louisa Goldman Sachs, the wife of Samuel Sachs, has seen substantial growth.

The founder of Louisa and Accelerate entrepreneur Rohan Doctor stated in a statement that “global organizations are vying to obtain the best return on their largest investment: their people.

By utilizing an even larger strength—their entire workforce’s combined intelligence—Louisa helps them maximize that return.

Louisa uses a combination of input from users and data generated by the system to build thorough profiles of people, teams, jobs, universities, alumni, communities, and customers.

Goldman Sachs created Louisa, AI-powered social media startup
Image credit- CNBC

The platform aims to deliver the appropriate information to the appropriate person at the appropriate moment, allowing users to develop their personal brands, broaden their networks, and keep up with coworkers and clients.

Louisa’s creator and CEO, Rohan Doctor, emphasizes that organizations all over the world aim to maximize their workforces’ collective wisdom and their return on investment.

By bringing people together based on mutual interests and prospective economic prospects, the platform seeks to harness this potential.

Domestic Incubator

Traditionally famous for its skill in finance, Goldman Sachs has recently entered the technology sector. According to the reports, Louisa is the first startup to come out of the company’s internal incubator.

Louisa was formerly financed and owned by Goldman Sachs, but it is now a separate organization. Beyond Goldman Sachs employees, Rohan Doctor is aggressively striving to increase the platform’s user base by focusing on clients in the professional services industry and other organizations.

Goldman Sachs Spinoff Louisa Expands Availability of Corporate Networking  Platform
Image credit- Pymnts.com

Louisa distinguishes itself by utilizing AI, incorporating cutting-edge algorithms to build insightful profiles and facilitate meaningful connections.

The platform examines millions of articles each week, offering insightful analysis and suggesting potential links based on news about businesses.

In light of the development of generative AI technology and the shifting nature of the workforce, Doctor considers the time of Louisa’s debut to be appropriate. The field has undergone a revolution thanks to innovations like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which enabled quick data processing and self-description.

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Additionally, the rise of distant and hybrid work modes has altered employee engagement patterns, calling for a powerful networking platform like Louisa.

Doctor plans to use Louisa to serve a variety of businesses and organizations as its clientele grows. Louisa wants to transform business networking and enable smooth information sharing among staff members by utilizing AI capabilities.


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