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Malware-infected Super Mario Bros. movie downloads with a Trojan included

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Malware-infected Super Mario Bros. movie downloads with a Trojan included-GadgetAny
The Super Mario Movie

(Image credit- Dexerto)

Malefactors have been increasingly focusing on users who download movies and software illegally in recent months, infecting their devices with harmful malware.

The most recent instance of this type of activity is a campaign involving a harmful extension that was distributed with pirated copies of The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

The Dangers of Downloading the Super Mario Bros. Movie Illegally

The malicious plugin aims to take over browsers and gather confidential data, including passwords. For years, people have relied on unauthorized downloads to enjoy TV episodes, movies, and video games without having to shell out the high cost associated with legitimate releases.

The pirated downloads of The Super Mario Bros. Movie contain malware
Image credit- SecNews.gr

The report claims that it is becoming increasingly obvious that downloading information illegally can be risky, not just in terms of the risk to the downloader’s cash but also to the security of their computer, as hackers continue to target people who pirate digital media.

Hackers have recently targeted people who download The Super Mario Bros. Movie illegally. According to Axios, the hackers started attacking the newest Illumination movie on April 30 after it was completely leaked on Twitter and then removed.

Stopping Computer Infection by Malware Through Illegal Downloads

While customers believe they may download the movie for free, malware infects their PC at the same time. A cybersecurity company called ReasonLabs has identified the virus used in this campaign and discovered that over 150,000 laptops or other devices already contain it.

The malware works by installing a malicious extension that actively attempts to take over the user’s browser and makes use of its permissions to gather private information, including passwords.

Despite the fact that many viruses can masquerade as trustworthy-looking files, there are several precautions that all users can take to better protect themselves against this type of infection, especially when it comes to unauthorized downloads.

Super Mario Bros. Movie downloads are infecting pirates with malware
Image credit- Yahoo News Singapore

Avoiding Downloading Software and Films Illegally

The most important thing that people can do to protect themselves is to refrain from downloading software and movies illegally, which puts their data and themselves at risk. Additionally, users should have the finest antivirus programs on their Windows PC, Mac, and Android devices, as well as the top antivirus apps for Mac and Android.

These antivirus apps will check the files that users download for malware and notify them if any potentially harmful content is found. Naturally, buying the official copy of The Super Mario Bros. Movie or any other media is the safest option.

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Taking the Required Steps to Prevent Malware Infection

Tomorrow (May 16), The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be available on Amazon for $29. Even while the cost can seem high, it’s far preferable to having to cope with the possibility of data theft and other problems brought on by a malware infection. Simply ensure that users take the essential safety measures to prevent it in the first place.

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By staying away from unknown websites, using two-factor authentication, and employing strong passwords elsewhere, users can further safeguard themselves. Every permission that an app asks for should be carefully reviewed by the user because malware can easily access devices through these.

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