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Already Cheap Verizon 5G Unlimited Package is Now More Cheaper!

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Already Cheap Verizon 5G Unlimited Package is Now More Cheaper!-GadgetAny
Verizon 5G

One of the best service providers in the world, Verizon, is currently offering a discount on its most affordable unlimited 5G package. Verizon currently offers a variety of service packages, with the Welcome Unlimited plan being the least expensive.

However, a year-end promotion will lower the price of the Welcome Unlimited plan by an additional $5 per month per line, making it one of the most affordable unlimited 5G plans available.

The offer starts on December 23 but only lasts for a short period of time, so you’ll need to move quickly if you want to switch providers while saving money. Anyone registering for the Welcome Unlimited plan at that time will receive a discount for up to four different devices. Following is the current price per line:

  • One line costs $60 (was $65).
  • Two lines for $50 (was $55)
  • Three lines for $35 (down from $40)
  • Four lines for $25 (down from $30)


New subscribers to the Welcome Unlimited plan receive a three-year price guarantee, meaning they won’t have to pay the standard costs again until 2025 at the earliest, even if the discount isn’t a long-term adjustment in the plan’s price.

It’s important to note that Welcome Unlimited is rather basic in terms of what it offers because it’s Verizon’s least expensive plan. In essence, all you’ll receive is unrestricted 5G access. That is all you get, even though it is a really good deal given the price. Other Verizon plans include 5G Ultra Wideband, which is substantially faster than base 5G connections, access to mobile hotspots, and complimentary subscriptions to streaming services like Disney Plus and Hulu. Some people might desire certain amenities and be prepared to pay for them, but others could be quite content to forego them in exchange for a reduced monthly payment.

With that stated, the reduced Welcome Unlimited plan is the best option if all you need is a phone that can connect to Verizon’s 5G network consistently. It’s a better time than ever to sign up for Verizon and start saving because connecting four devices to the service is so reasonably priced for families. However, before making a decision, you might want to look at their other offers if you’re seeking for a plan with more features.

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