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Apple Faces Union Busting Charges in Missouri Stores

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Apple Faces Union Busting Charges in Missouri Stores-GadgetAny

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Allegations of unfair labor practices at Apple’s retail locations in Houston and Kansas City are the subject of an inquiry.

Reports of firing and threatening its employees while they were on the job trying to organize a union came after this.

Emanuel Cleaver and Sylvia Garcia, two anti-union House representatives, requested an investigation by the National Labor Relations Board investigating claims of labor violations at Apple’s stores in Houston and Kansas City, Missouri.

According to the reports, Apple reprimanded numerous employees for trying to organize and dismissed five employees as a result of their unionizing attempts.

Apple Faces Accusations for Union Busting in Missouri Stores | Tech Times
Image credit- Tech Times

The reps claim that any employee has the right and is guaranteed the ability to organize collectively without obstruction, intimidation, or coercion from their respective employers.

They are working really hard on this investigation because they saw a pattern from the corporation. Just this year, the NLRB ruled Apple to have violated labor rights.

According to Cleaver, this probe ensures that no company may violate workers’ rights in America. “I don’t care if the offender is Apple or Applejacks, if any business attempts to stifle workers’ right to organize in Kansas City, then they’re going to hear from me about it,” he continued.

It is quite unsettling that the biggest firms are putting up their own initiatives to silence and eliminate their employees who wish to collectively bargain for fairer salaries, better benefits, and enhanced workplace safety. Large IT firms may believe they are above the law, Garcia said, but in-depth examinations by the National Labor Relations Board may show otherwise.

Union busting lawsuit planned as Apple Store battle intensifies
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Earlier complaints
The Communications Workers of America only recently filed complaints with the NLRB because they claim Apple intimidated and threatened to fire workers for tardiness and even minor mistakes on timesheets. Both officials referred to the requirement that employees sign a release of claims against the corporation in order to receive a severance payout as being illegal.

In addition to this, Apple was charged with holding anti-union meetings at each of its 270 US stores in an effort to dissuade its workers from organizing. The corporate side of the business provided store managers with an opening statement that blasted union dues and procedures for alienating employees.

Apple indirectly warned its staff that they would be at a disadvantage if their store unionized by saying that they would “pour cold water on the idea.” After demolishing the notion of forming a union, managers declared that employees have the right to vote as they closed the meeting.

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Unfortunately, it seems that this effort is having some success because only two retail stores have unionized, and some employees have already resisted joining one. When questioned about it, Apple responded that it had already addressed the issue by increasing pay, enhancing benefits, and simplifying its scheduling policies.


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