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Share Video With Post Malone Music, Facebook Will Give You Ad Revenue

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Today, the social media giant company Meta revealed that creators on Facebook can now earn money through their content videos by using licensed music.   As per the recent updates on Facebook’s “Music sharing revenue,” if creators make video posts of 60 seconds or longer than that by adding songs from the social media’s licensed library, which consists of hit songs from various renowned artists like Post Malone, trove Lo and others, they will make money from it. The company claims that this new feature will step up the innovative way for both the video creators and music rights holders to earn money on specific videos. Although, until now, the creators who used the hit songs from renowned artists could not get a penny from the company before launching the new feature. Facebook video dashboard Moreover, with this new feature, each time when creators post videos of 60 seconds or longer, they will receive a 20% revenue share on eligible videos, with a separate share going to rights holders and Meta, though the company declined to share specific details about it. However, eligible creators for Music Revenue Sharing must be allowed for in-stream ads and meet Facebook’s monetization standard policy. Also, the featured song used in a video must be part of the Licensed Music Library which contains all eligible songs for Music Revenue Sharing. Meanwhile, creators can select the songs and identify the eligible songs that make them qualified for monetization through Music Revenue Sharing by retrieving the Licensed Music Library available in the Creator Studio of Facebook. Although Meta notes that creators posted videos, a visual component must be present, as the video only consists of licensed music that cannot be considered eligible as per the eligibility criteria. Facebook meta Once creators upload their video to their respective Facebook account pages, they will be notified by the Creator Studio to check whether the song they select is eligible for Music Revenue Sharing.  Also, creators can keep track of their progress and expected earnings by sharing video content, including Music Revenue Sharing from in-stream ads and in Creator Studio. As per today’s announcement from Meta, Music Revenue Sharing will start rolling out to video creators globally, but  Meta revealed that eligible videos will monetize from in-stream ads in the United States and will then expand to the rest of the world where music is available on Facebook in the coming months. Meta also says it will continue to work with its music partners to expand the Licensed Music library to include more licensed songs. The company also plans to build more ways for people to share and connect through videos on Facebook.

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