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Here’s How To Connect An Xbox Controller To A Computer?

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Here’s How To Connect An Xbox Controller To A Computer?-GadgetAny
Xbox controller to a PC

For shooter and strategy games, using a mouse and keyboard is the favored manner of play. The use of a controller, however, is recommended in a few specific situations. Some games, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Immortals Fenyx Rising, play better with a controller. We’ll show you how to do it to play Xbox games on Windows by establishing a connection between your Xbox controller and PC. You can play right now regardless of your equipment because these instructions apply to both Xbox One and Xbox Series X controllers.

Fortunately, since Xbox is a Microsoft product, it shouldn’t be too difficult for a Windows PC to handle an Xbox controller. With little to no additional settings, you can connect your Xbox controller and start playing right away thanks to the plug-and-play functionality. Not to mention that it’s a top-notch controller for PC gaming.

How to Connect Any Modern Xbox Controller to a PC: 3 Easy Methods

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How to link an Xbox controller to a PC using a USB cable?

  • Connect your Xbox controller to your PC in Step 1 using a USB cord
  • The second step is to simply plug in your charging cable if you have a wireless controller.
  • Simply connect in your wired controller like you would your console in Step 3 if you have one.

How to use a wireless adapter to connect an Xbox controller to a PC?

  • Purchase the Xbox Wireless Adapter as the first step.
  • Connect your PC’s open USB port to the Xbox Wireless Adapter. Complete the adapter setup procedure as described here.
  • To activate it, press the Guide button (the Xbox logo) on your controller.
  • Press and hold the Sync button (the little button to the right of LB) on the controller’s top until the Xbox logo starts flashing.
  • Press and hold the adapter’s tiny sync button. While looking for the pair, the Guide button will flash more rapidly. You’re ready to go when the Xbox logo on the controller stops blinking and becomes solid.[p
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