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Lumos Will Invest $50M to Offer Fast Internet in Durham & Orange County

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Lumos Will Invest $50M to Offer Fast Internet in Durham & Orange County-GadgetAny

The Broadband service provider plans to build Fiber-Optic Technology for over 600 miles to provide faster internet to 35,000 local residents and businesses.

Lumos is going to make a Transformative Broadband Infrastructure Investment of $50 million to provide ultra-high-speed internet to Durham and Orange Counties. The High Point-based broadband provider aims to offer a 100% Fiber Optic Internet service to about 35,000 residents and businesses. Also, the company will build the latest Fiber Optic Technology covering 600 miles across the region.

According to Lumos, the new tech will deliver faster and uninterrupted internet service that helps manage today’s growing internet needs and predicts future needs. In addition, the expansion of services across various regions shows the company’s regional development and growth.

The North Carolina state recently granted Lumos a sum of $ 7 million to build new networks in Alamance and Randolph Counties. The company that recently changed its name and added a new CEO was once a part of North State Communications and Virginia-based Lumos Networks. Cox Communications integrated both the companies’ services as part of a deal.

Lumos said the expansion would start in 2023 and gradually connect 35,000 residents and business units. It said further that the technology would offer internet speed up to 2 gigabits per second, which is 10-times faster than standard net access through cable services. Its business plan costs $99 per month, Household plans start at $50 a month and rise to $100 a month, based on the internet speed.

Other service providers, like Frontier, Google Fiber, and AT&T, also provide access to specific areas of the two counties.

Brian Stading, Lumos’ CEO, who was suggested for the job in August said, “The world is more connected than ever. Lumos aims to unlock the potential of the digital world – from work-from-home environments to telemedicine to a gig economy – by providing 100% Fiber Optic Internet, we are helping to ensure our local communities and small businesses don’t get left behind because their digital infrastructure can’t keep up. This expansion highlights Lumos’ commitment to bringing competitive choice and the best technology available to the community, creating a connection to the future.”

Stading announced the recent round of the state’s broadband grants while meeting with Governor Roy Cooper. Lumos has provided fiber access to over 200,000 North Carolina and Virginia houses.

The Orange County Board of Commissioners’ Chair, Renee Price, said, “We are already working with Lumos to provide high-speed internet access to more than 24,000 addresses in Orange County. And we’re delighted that this additional project will provide fiber broadband access to another 1,500 homes and businesses in the eastern portion of Orange County.”

Ryan Regan, Vice President of Economic Development at the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce, said, “The Durham economic development community is always excited to welcome new service providers to the area. We look forward to partnering with Lumos as they bring broadband to our growing communities.”

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