Robotrucks To Be Rolled Out In China By A Startup Tech Company

ponyai, the self-driving tech startup company stated that they are planning on producing robotrucks in mass along with Sany Heavy Industry.

Liang Linhe, chairman of Sany Heavy Truck told “This partnership betweenRobotrucks To Be Rolled Out In China By A Startup Tech Company SANY and is the ultimate collaboration between truck ‘body’ and truck ‘brain’ and thus makes it possible to mass produce high-level autonomous trucks,”

Though Pony a.i is headquartered at San Francisco, it is investing its time and money in China. is planning a virtual driver for automotive trucks along with Sany. though with the existing rules in China, robotrucks will not be able to operate totally.


Companies like Walmart and Daimler have also started testing self driven trucks. Walmart said that they operated two trucks that were self driven in November for three months. Though Tesla has announced its autonomous electric truck, there is a delay in production and delivery. Similarly, Chinese automaker Greely too announced that they will roll out an electric truck in 2024 and by 2030, the truck will have a completely driver-free driving.

Pony a.i has not given any further information about the cost and availability of the robotrucks. The company that is into robotaxis lost their licence in California. In china, the company got the licence to operate robotaxi in Guangzhou 

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