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Rocket Dogs – The First Collectible NFT Game by Exergy Games

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Rocket Dogs – The First Collectible NFT Game by Exergy Games-GadgetAny
Rocket Dogs

Exergy Games is aiming to pioneer a brand-new genre of collectible video games. The company announced the launch of “Rocket Dogs,” its first collectible NFT (non-fungible token) game.

About Rocket Dogs

The most recent NFT (non-fungible token) game takes players on a voyage to a new galaxy, where they will team up with dogs fitted with rocket-like jetpacks to compete in races on unique moons throughout space. Additionally, in this enjoyable and simple-to-learn strategy game, players will encounter thrilling adventures and beautiful artwork.

Exergy Games claims that “Rocket Dogs” is a game created “by gamers for gamers,” and that it has a special gameplay mechanic (tactical racing) that will captivate even the most seasoned players for years to come.

Rocket Dogs

Moreover, in this wild and insane tactical racing game, players compete against other racers in real-time while setting traps, turning on rocket boosters, and launching attacks that cause cosmic mayhem. In addition, players strive to command the ultimate Rocket Dog and collect stunning prizes, including rare NFTs and the in-game cryptocurrency called Insert Coin.

A spokesperson from the company stated, “After over a year in development, we’re excited to come out of stealth mode with the unveiling of Rocket Dogs to the world. We’ve focused almost exclusively on first developing an amazing, fun, and beautiful game. Now, it’s time to show it off to the world as we recruit players to race among the stars with humanity’s best friend.”

Rocket Dogs

On another note, Exergy’s developers created “Rocket Dogs” in an effort to push the boundaries of NFTs and play-to-earn games. And they are now eager to showcase that work. You can visit RocketDogs.com to learn more about the gameplay, check out the NFTs, view trailers, preorder the game, and get pumped up for racing.

More Details

The representative continued, “This unveiling and the opening of preorders brings us one step closer to the launch of Rocket Dogs later this year. On launch day, players can open their preordered NFTs, begin racing immediately, and win Insert Coins every time they race in this fantastical world we’re building for players.”

Rocket Dogs

Besides, “Rocket Dogs” goes well beyond the game with a creative and wide plot for players to explore. It consists of six short stories that introduce Exergy’s shared narrative universe.

Additionally, the game displays the stories with gorgeous, graphic novel-style artwork. Together, they take viewers on a literary and visual tour to explain why the Toba, an advanced alien race, saved canines from Earth and invented the interplanetary game of Rocket Dogs. Furthermore, these tales serve as the foundation of a multi-year content and narrative roadmap for what the business hopes will become the next great media franchise, the Exergy Games Universe.

Moreover, Exergy intends to broaden its universe beyond Rocket Dogs by publishing four more games supported by interconnected narratives that feature recurrent characters and overarching narrative threads that permeate all of its titles. Therefore, all of Exergy’s video games will contain connected gameplay, allowing users to employ certain NFTs from one game in their other games and vice versa.

Rocket Dogs

Players may also win and use the in-game currency Insert Coin in all of their games, unifying the entire experience. Exergy thinks that this ever-expanding and broad journey, reflected in the connections between its games and narratives, will hold players’ attention for many years while fostering more player engagement.

A brief on the company

Expert gamers established Exergy Games with the goal of revolutionizing the collectible game market by utilizing the strength of NFTs and cryptocurrency while simultaneously redefining what is feasible in the play-to-earn gaming sector. Exergy’s highly skilled team of game designers and collectible game industry veterans hopes to achieve this with its ambitious plan for numerous interconnected NFT games powered by its cryptocurrency Insert Coin and bound together by a common story universe. And the first of Exergy’s many games, Rocket Dogs, is anticipated to have a significant impact on the P2E community as it introduces the Exergy Games Universe.

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