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Next-Gen Home Solar Panel Companies, What Unique About them?

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Next-Gen Home Solar Panel Companies, What Unique About them?-GadgetAny

A coming wave of solar companies would develop to include energy management offering better ROI for their products. For example, Lunar Energy, owned by ex-Tesla executive Kunal Girotra, seemingly one of the earliest next-generation solar companies, focuses on electrical efficiency rather than generation. Let’s see how solar energy appliances are manufactured and how they can help us manage electricity.

Solar Energy Shortcomings

Although solar energy is free, its technology is expensive. However, it would reduce your power bill drastically within a month. Also, generating heat during winter, when the sun is at the lower horizon, is challenging as the unit won’t generate power, enough to heat up your house. As solar panels work efficiently during the day, you would need alternative power sources to store energy for night use or cloudy days.

Moreover, if you use electric power sources, you might lose energy during power cuts. Batteries are expensive and need charging to store energy for later use. So you would need more solar power to keep them charged throughout the day.  

Solar Company Claims

The next-generation solar companies, like Lunar Energy, focus less on generating energy and more on improving energy usage efficiency. Lunar Energy seems to work on high-performance whole-house batteries, and their effort seems to work well when you use an energy management system irrespective of how you source your power.

It can allow you to discontinue charging when the batteries are full and recharge them when they go as low as 50%. Thus the batteries would last longer, gradually reducing your daily energy consumption. This type of system can also identify useless equipment, forcing companies to manufacture more efficient products and detect those who play foul.

Next-Gen Solar Equipment

Solar companies like Sundanzer have been building highly efficient appliances for off-grid homes for years, with older features and capabilities like manual defrost, no or limited capacity ice-making, etc. However, we hope the next-generation equipment will deliver efficiency with features that match the current generation of modern gadgets.

It’s quite possible that the market would see new companies emerging with highly efficient devices and advanced equipment delivering excellent energy management services. They might power an entire house with battery-powered or solar-powered energy systems, offering a greater approach to energy generation.

The next-generation solar companies could possibly bring a solar energy wave in the future, developing advanced home energy management systems. We can probably witness modified kitchen and home structures, AI-equipped gadgets, and appliances that help save energy. All this and more can help us reduce greenhouse emissions and reverse global climate changes.

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