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Tesla CEO Elon Musk Seeks help From a Whistleblower on Twitter

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As the Twitter trial date is rapidly working on all safety features, Elon Musk legal team sent a writ to the former Twitter security head Peiter Mudge Zatko who filed a whistleblower complaint against the organization that made it public last week.  In the first half of this year, Global apps spending reached across $65 billion which is same as last year.  In the complaint, Zatko claims that he witnessed the egregious deficiencies, negligence, willful ignorance, and threats to national security and democracy within Twitter. After that, he makes a way to hide its inner working from the investors and regulators.  twitter Zatko is a well-respected researcher who joined the company in 2020 after the hackers gained access to the cluster of high-profile Twitter accounts, Elon Musk and Joe Biden, to promote a piece of important news. Parag Agarwal fired him in January and replaced Jack Dorsey as the company's chief executive.  Elon Musk's team is trying a deposition and a broad swath of documents from the security researcher Zatko. The filing from the Musk legal time said to resolve all things, including documentation and communications-related, significantly impacting Twitter's spam. But, on the other hand, the use of mDAU as a key Metric. So, they requested about the security vulnerabilities, foreign spies, or Twitter attempts to hide the security vulnerabilities from the public, regulators, or investors. In the past, Twitter accepts proposal wants Five-day trial commitment. twitter Apart from all beyond security concerns, Zatko changes the direction suddenly to the number of bots on Twitter as Elon Musk wants to die his deal to buy Twitter for $44 billion. But, again, the same man repeatedly about his agreement and was concerned that the company misrepresents all spam and non-human accounts to portray itself in a more flattering light.   As Musk clearly stated, the reason for the deal was that he vowed to "defeat the spam bots or die trying" in April. However, the whistleblower complaint offers fresh fodder for his legal team. Consequently, they try to leave as it makes the case they can walk away. But, because Musk wants to list the Zatko to back up his claim that Twitter misled him doesn't mean the bot bits in the whistleblower complaint will have any bearing on the situation. The most confusing claim is that Musk has accused Twitter of falsely claiming the sum percentage of bots on the platform, which is less than the 5%. The fact is that Twitter only uses a 5% figure when we talk about the total percentage of bots within the specific chunk of users called the mDAU (Monetizable Daily Active users). The company said that less than 5% of the mDAU are made up of bots.    twitter Recently, Twitter says that the active filters bots and spam account out of its mDAU. Metrics are made to show advertisers how many human beings could be reached with ads. Still, things are unclear because the metric is different and non-standard. Twitter came up with this, which makes things more confusing. Musk's sudden conflation of two metrics, that is, the user base at the large and user bases spam accounts filtered out.  In his most recent letter, notifying the company that he wants to be terminated the deal, Elon musk commented on the metrics of mDAU that claiming his suspiciously timed suspicious amount to an adverse event that permits him to bail on the agreement. Unfortunately, Twitter has already admitted to miscalculating mDAU.  Using mDAU instead of a more standard metric is unusual, but that isn't the real issue. Essentially, none of this bot stuff is at point - it depends on what a judge decides is important in Musk's bid to evade his binding commitment to buy Twitter. Although Zatko's report casts doubt on mDUA's use as a metric as well as a bunch of more substantial security issues, it also supports Twitter's claim that mDAU isn't used for spam, as the whole point of the mDAU is to let advertisers know how many people are likely to interact with ads. The company doesn't have any reason to inflate this number by adding bots since that would make it seem like ads are performing worse on Twitter (since bots don't interact with ads). Elon musk The Twitter whistleblower isn't an expert on bots, and again, the bot stuff is a Hail Mary from Musk's camp, but Zatko's involvement could support Musk in other ways. Zatko's legal team could use Zatko's more serious concerns — such as foreign governments being able to easily infiltrate the company or Twitter misleading regulators about its security practices — to argue that Musk should be allowed to leave.  That approach itself might not work for Musk. The judge rejected his request for another massive swath of Twitter's data last week, saying it was "absurdly broad" and the company had already cooperated.

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