10 Best Hoverboards for Kids in 2023 (Safe & Self Balancing)

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Image Credits: Hoverboardforu

A hoverboard has been the best mobility gadget for outdoor activities, and it is getting in demand day by day from children. However, it’s a comfortable platform as well. Now a kid’s safety is a matter of concern, and earlier, these gadgets were tough to learn. So you should choose the best hoverboard for kids wisely. However, to eliminate this confusion, we’ll suggest some of the ‘top listed’ hoverboards to you, which will ease your hassle regarding buying options.


Nowadays, children are inquisitive about trying immediately whatever they like. Well, Hoverboards are a new trend in the market, and one must give them a try before buying for their kids.

You must know and buy it because firstly it’s unique, demanding and it’s suitable for outdoor fun for your kid.

The digital era has influenced the kids towards mobility gadgets. They are showing profound interest in new generation mobility devices.

10 Best Hoverboard for Kids in 2023

Tomoloo Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard Q2C


TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard

Image Credits: TOMOLOO

It is a uniquely built music rhythmed hoverboard, which synchronously changes colors according to the beats of music.


Top Speed  7.5 MPH
Weight  17.64 LBS
Motor  400 W 
Wheel size 6.5 inches
Safety  UL 2271 
Range 4.3 miles
Max rider capacity  44 to 165 lbs 
Battery type  Lithium-ion battery 
Battery life  4 hours battery life 
Charging time  2-3 hours 
Maximum slope angle  10 degrees 
Price  $212

Tomoloo hoverboard is an extraordinary board for kids, who don’t care about some consideration. It includes a 5-watt speaker just as shade changing LED lights. The exterior is waterproof, and the battery has a range of up to 4.3 miles. In addition, Tomoloo Music rhythmed hoverboard is a great option to select as the best hoverboard for kids due to thousands of positive reviews it received. One should not overlook its worthiness as this has a lot to offer.

Pros & Cons

Fun matched up lights and Bluetooth speaker  Not great for grown-ups or heavier youngsters 
Limited charging time and longer battery life  Doesn’t come in varieties of colors as others do. 
Lightweight and consequently simple to convey Not quite so modest as some hoverboards for youngsters
Quicker than other kids’ hoverboards 

Sisigad A12 6.5” Self-Balancing Hoverboard


Sisigad A12 6.5

Image Credits: Sisigad

Self-balancing is an automated feature, which generally helps beginners to learn the scooter fast and flexibly.


Top Speed  7.45 MPH
Safety Standards UL 2272 
Weight  20 LBS
Motor  300 W dual-motor
Wheel size 6.5 inches
Battery type 24 V / 2.0 Ah 
Range 6  miles
Max rider capacity  200 lbs 
Battery life  30 – 60 min 
Charging time  3 to 5 hours 
Maximum slope angle 10-degree
Additional features  Colorful LED, non-slippery pads, multiple color choices 
Price $147 

“Sisigad hoverboard” self-balancing scooter has come up with a metallic appearance with bright LED lights. The qualities of the sisigad hoverboard comprise a great exterior and effortless rides.

Moreover, this product is popular for self-balancing and works effectively with newbies. A powerful motor of 400W and solid rubber tires add value to it. This master hoverboard can carry up to 200 pounds of weight.

Pros & Cons

Come in stylish colors and in various colors Not waterproof
Solid built material and quality design Bluetooth speakers, but the sound quality could be better
Inevitable battery  No mobile app to review hoverboard stats

SISIGAD B02 hoverboard



Image Credits: SISIGAD

Incorporates one of the best quality LED shade changing lights


Weight  19.3 lbs 
Safety standards  UL 2272 
Maximum speed  7.5 MPH 
Top range  6 miles 
Wheel size  8.5 inches 
Maximum riders capacity  200 lbs 
Motor  400 W
Charging time   3- 5 hrs 
Battery  100.4 watts lithium-ion 
Maximum slope angle  10 degrees 
Additional features  Great look, RGB LED, Smart mobile control, bluetooth speaker 
Price  $299  

Sisigad is an all-rounder model as the best hoverboard for kids. It comes fully equipped with high-quality features and incorporates LED changing lights which sync with the music. The device provides a very fun and enthusiastic ride, even kids can’t deny it.

Apart from that, the brand has facilitated UL 2272 safety features. Also, they are equipped with amazing battery life. However, this hoverboard is best suited for the age of 6 to 12. This is one of the best hoverboards to cater to the needs of your children.

Pros & Cons

It features unique LED lights that fit in perfectly with the song from the Bluetooth speakers. Sometimes it makes noise and does not move, and sometimes gets stuck in the sand 
Highly stable and secure
Upgraded durability 
Excellent battery life 

Hover-1- Astro



Image Credits: HOVER-1

The product wears a shiny look, and it is available in three different colors.


Weight  16.3 lbs 
Safety standards  UL 2272 
Maximum speed  7 MPH 
Top range  6 miles 
Wheel size  6.5 inches 
Maximum riders capacity  220 lbs 
Motor  400 W
Charging time   3 hrs 
Battery  100.4 watts lithium-ion 
Maximum slope angle  20 degrees 
Additional features  Great look, RGB LED, Smart mobile control, bluetooth speaker 
Price  $249

Hover-1 – Astro is a distinctive quality hoverboard, as Astro comprises a full set of LEDs. It gives the device an appealing look. Besides that, the Astro incorporates all possible features and does not stand to disappoint anyone.

The bright LED infinity wheels, non-slippery footpads, lithium-ion battery, and assist bluetooth speaker make it a valuable choice. Astro is one-of-a-kind, which kids can’t ever ignore. This exquisitely designed mobility device is the best hoverboard for kids.

Pros & Cons

LED lights are vibrant and colorful  Overheating and subsequently sometimes catch fire 
The frame of the model is strong 
Incorporates three different modes, beginners, intermediate, experts 
Amazing sound quality 

Lieagle Self-Balancing Scooter Hoverboard


LIEAGLE Hoverboard

Image Credits: LIEAGLE

Self-balancing is genuinely a prominent feature. People can ride Lieagle’s self-balancing hoverboard without any fear. Even beginners have hands on it.


Hoverboard weight  17 lbs
Safety standards  UL 2272 
Maximum speed  6.2 MPH 
Top range  6 miles 
Wheel size  6.5 inches 
Maximum rider capacity  200 lbs 
Motor  400 watt 
Battery life  30 min 
Charging time  2.5-3 hours
Battery type  Lithium-ion battery
Maximum slope angle  10-degree 
Additional features  Looks great, powerful and music enabled 
Price  $ 129 

Lieagle Self-balancing hoverboard has now come to light thanks to its valuable features. It has become very popular among 13+ kids which naturally makes it the best hoverboard for kids. It’s a powerful board and has a lot to offer to the riders. Also, Lieagle accompanies 6.5 inches wheels with a capacious deck. Lieagle is quite obvious in terms of its performance and material.

Pros & Cons

Out-of-the-box look Limited top speed of 6.2MPH
Impressive strength and stability Limited range of 6 miles
Extra LED lights and Bluetooth speaker
Full battery protection for peace of mind

Beston Sports newest generation electric hoverboard


Beston Sports newest generation electric hoverboard

Image Credits: Beston

New riders have shown their fondness for the “Beston Sports” because of its excellent balancing feature.


Top Speed  6 mph 
Weight  20.28 lbs 
Motor  Assist dual-motor 
Wheel size 6.5 inches 
Range 7.46 miles 
Safety  UL 2272 
Battery life  N/A 
Battery type  lithium-ion battery 
Max rider capacity  180 lbs 
Charging time  3-5 hours 
Maximum slope angle  N/A 
Additional features  Built-in speaker, self-balancing, amazing bright LEDs, extraordinary 
Price  $148

If your child is looking for something better, the “Beston sports” hoverboard is worthwhile to consider. It has an eye-catching finish, as well as exceptional features. Your child will have a good time riding it. Also, it has a top speed of 6.2 miles per hour.

Moreover, it comes featured with the latest technology to help the riders maintain their balance. The hoverboard’s 6.5-inch wheels provide a smooth ride. The deck is spacious, making it easy to balance and stand on. And lastly, it has a maximum weight capacity of up to 180 lbs and non-slip pedals for a secure stance. All these features automatically make it the best hoverboard for kids.

Pros & Cons

The hoverboard charges very quickly  It does not stop very quickly 
Excellent control and stability
Bluetooth connects without any hassle 
Loading capacity is excellent 

SEGWAY MiniPRO smart


Image Credits: SEGWAY

People like it because the Segway MiniPro comes integrated with an 800-watt motor. It gives a stellar performance thanks to its powerful motor.


Top Speed  10 MPH
Weight  28 LBS
Motor  800 W dual-motor
Wheel size 10 inches
Range 12.5  miles
Safety  UL 2272 
Battery type  54.3 V / 310 Wh 
Battery life  N/A 
Charging time  4 hours 
Maximum slope angle  15 degrees 
Additional feature  Incorporate extraordinary adjustable, powerful engine 
Price  348$ 

Segway MiniPro is uniquely designed with two 800-watt engines and ten-inch pneumatic tires that perform extraordinarily. In addition, it facilitates you to explore various landscapes with almost no difficulty. The airplane-grade solid magnesium compound casing makes it extra durable.

Moreover, Segway MiniPro incorporates adjustable LED taillights and programmed headlights. This is a perfect example of skilled craftsmanship in the category of best hoverboard for kids. Also, this smart board includes a mobile App for better control while cruising. However, the only shortcoming is that it’s a bit heavy (28 lbs).

Pros & Cons

Control of movement is easy  It’s more expensive as compared to many other hoverboards.
Mobile-friendly hoverboard  The model isn’t lightweight
Impressive range 
Model design is contemporary and modern 

Razor Hovertrax 2.0


Razor Hovertrax 2.0 hoverboard

Image Credits: Razor

The Razor Hovertrax wears a trendy look owing to its beautiful LED lights and LED power markers.


Top Speed  8 MPH 
Weight  22 lbs
Motor  350 W 
Wheel size 6.5 inches
Range 6  miles
Safety  UL 2272 
Battery type  Lithium-ion battery 
Max rider capacity  220 lbs 
Battery life  Up to 1-hour
Charging time  Up to 4 hours 
Maximum slope angle  20 degrees 
Additional features  Auto self-balancing, cool blue LED lights, gyro sensor 
Price  $319

The razor hovertrax 2.0 is a combination of extraordinary features and magnificent design. Anyhow, this device offers a unique balance while cruising at top speed. In addition, Hovertrax 2.0 incorporates a 350-watt dual motor, and a cruising range of 8 miles per hour. Most notably, the low-battery indicator and swappable battery feature make it a genuine choice.

Moreover, the Razor hovertrax 2.0 has come up with an all-new LED light bar, LED power marker, and another lighting mechanism. Additionally, highly configured LED lights add a new dimension to this feature-loaded mobility device. And finally, it comes with UL certification for users’ peace of mind.

Pros & Cons

Self-balancing  No bluetooth availability 
Large deck with a lot of foot room  Product is not water-resistant 
Unique design 

EPIKGO off-road self-balancing Hoverboard


Epikgo Classic Black hoverboard

Image Credits: Epikgo

EPIKGO is a mix of off-roading and self-balancing features. When an individual gets a mix of both then very few would let go of the product.


Top Speed  10 MPH 
Weight  31 lbs 
Motor  400 watt dual motor 
Wheel size 8.5 inches 
Range 10 miles 
Safety  UL 2271 
Battery type  LG smart battery 
Max rider capacity  240 lbs 
Battery life  Up to 1 hour 
Charging time  1-2 hours, built-in 2-hour fast charging technology 
Maximum slope angle  18 degrees 
Additional features  Dual motor, applicable on all terrains, 
Price   $620

Epikgo off-road hoverboard comprises solid build-material and rough terrain ride feature. In addition, it wears a UL certification tag to ramp up the safety measures. Till now, this hoverboard has successfully cleared 159 running tests. So, these tests ensure that EPIKGO is the most secure and one of best hoverboard for kids.

Moreover, it comprises the power of a 400 W double motors, which enable the hoverboard to incline at an angle of 18 degrees. Also, a top speed of 10 MPH is an added advantage. Additionally, its tires are made of solid plastic and are able to perform on any terrain. And finally, this hoverboard is water-proof and offers a very short charging time of 2 hours.

Pros & Cons

Charges within 2 hours  A bit expensive 
10 miles per hour speed

Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 Hoverboard

BEST FOR ITS COOL cruising mechanism

swagtron pro t1 hoverboard

Image Credits: Swagtron

We like it because it has a cool cruising mechanism. Apart from its smooth design this hoverboard delivers a quality ride with great control.


Top Speed  8 MPH 
Weight  22 lbs 
Motor  250 watt 
Wheel size 6.5 inches 
Range 8 miles 
Safety  UL 2272 
Battery type  25V, 4Ah lithium-ion battery 
Max rider capacity  220 lbs 
Battery life  N/A 
Charging time  2 hours 
Maximum slope angle  30 degrees 
Additional features  Incorporate twin engines, smooth ride 
Price   $249

If you are riding swagtron swagboard pro-T1 hoverboard, you are in full control of it. This hoverboard has far-fetched twin engines with a long-range.

It’s an exceptional and worthy choice for tyros and experienced riders as well as it does not stir too quickly. Additionally, it is practically very simple to handle and adjust. And lastly, the swagtron swagboard pro-T1 hoverboard has an appealing look.

Pros & Cons

High weight limit – 100 kg (220 lbs) No Bluetooth
Can climb 30-degree inclines Battery gauge can be inaccurate
Fully charge the battery in 2 hours or less



Image Credits: Fit2bemom

  • Speed: Whenever you are about to buy a hoverboard, specification matters the most, and that too speed and battery. Hoverboards can stretch up to 6 to 8 miles per hour, even the survey demonstrates it is the best for under 18 kids. Here low speed is significant to curb safety issues and accidents.
  • Quality of Battery: Well, you would not like your battery to catch fire, right? So go for a lithium-ion battery, because it’s rechargeable and affords a long-run performance. However, durability is important as one buys a device with a long run perspective. Kids are generally reckless to their devices and so the quality matters a lot. Checking UL certification is a must, to avoid fire hazards.

Image Credits: Chicago Tribune

  • Self-Balancing: This feature is an essential add-on and kids are fond of it. Keeping in mind the kids’ convenience, the hoverboards come especially designed for the children with enhanced self-balancing features. The best part is that it helps new riders to learn hoverboard riding fast. Moreover, some kids are highly experienced in riding a hoverboard and love to roam around all the places only because of the newly added self-balancing feature. This feature surely makes this product the best hoverboard for kids.
  • Range: A range of 4 to 12 miles is enough for kids. In addition, a range of about 10-12 miles is enough for kids to tire them out for early naps. Also, a good range implies an effective workout. Some high-end hoverboards employ good capacity batteries and powerful motors for extended range.
  • Price/ Cost-effective: Not everyone can afford a hoverboard as it’s costly and varies from 300$ to 1000$. These devices are for early adopters but kids are stubborn and can’t wait for what they want to have. So now as hoverboards are in trend and demand, parents must buy a cost-effective hoverboard for their kids.
  • UL Certification: Why one needs to have a UL 2722 certification? Because earlier the hoverboards used to catch fire, but now the manufacturers are making the UL-certified hoverboards for kids. This includes all the quality testing parameters. It states that all the parts of the board are working properly and are in a good condition. UL 2722 certification gives a sigh of relief to all the riders, Thus, it ensures the safety and minimizes human concerns.
  • Size: Size plays a pivotal role so parents need to be particular about it while choosing the best hoverboard for their kids. One size doesn’t fit all so hoverboards are available in different looks, shapes, sizes, and colors. That is why parents need to choose the perfect size of hoverboard for their kids, to add comfort and control while riding.
  • Wheel size: Normally, the wheel size is 6.5 inches in diameter. Which is mainly for beginners. While buying, there is an option to go with an 8 to 10-inch wheel size but these are only useful for uneven terrains. Suggesting that you must buy a six-inch wheel for riding a hoverboard as it would be more user-friendly and appropriate.
  • Safety: The hoverboard is uniquely designed with a safety aspect. Also, a UL certification ascertains overall. safety measures. Most hoverboards go through different safety testing procedures before they roll out in the market.
  • Additional features: Hoverboard carries a lot of additional features. If you’re planning to buy the best hoverboard for kids, it can entail extra advanced features. Apart from that LED lights, Anti-theft, speed control, sports mode, learning mode are valuable features. The knowledge about these additional features can make your buying experience fruitful.


When is my kid is old enough to ride a Hoverboard?

The age for riding a hoverboard relies upon the kid to kid. However, most manufacturers have launched hoverboards specialized for 7+ kids. If your kid is motorically active at the age of 5 or 6, you can consider taking a hoverboard.

Are Hoverboards safe for kids?

Indeed, hoverboards are alright for youngsters. Truth be told, they were at first intended for youngsters. Simply ensure your child has suitable security gear when riding. The safety gear incorporates: a head protector, knee and elbow guard cushions, and perhaps a couple of gloves also.

What are the risk factors and How can we combat them?

While the most effortless way of keeping away from hoverboard wounds is to try not to get them in any case. Youngsters should avoid going solo. Wear defensive stuff, including a head protector, knee/elbow cushions, and wristwatches. Avoid riding amid heavy traffic. Try not to overcharge your hoverboard. The charging system can cause fire hazards after overheating.

UL 2272 certification is required while buying a Hoverboard?

The UL 2272 security affirmation implies the hoverboard meets the severe and rigid prerequisites of UL’s “Norms of Safety.” To be UL 2272 ensured, the hoverboard goes through additional modest tests. Therefore, always opt for UL certified mobility devices.

Do all hoverboards have Bluetooth?

Some high-end hoverboard brands have Bluetooth feature. Hoverboards with Bluetooth have a collector module and a couple of speakers. Moreover, the Bluetooth of the hoverboard begins to work when you pair the hoverboard to your telephone while riding.

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